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Lost Q 500

Feb 8, 2016
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Does anyone know of a way to find a downed Drone. I had been having some problems and thought they had been solved by the dealer's tech but not sure now. I had it in eye sight and was in home mode as I was getting some warnings that I was not familiar with. My drone appeared to just stop, may have made a few odd moves and down she went. I still have the last screen shot on the controller. I can't really recognize where the shot was taken. One of the problems I was having was communication between the camera and control so I am not sure how far if any it traveled after this was sent. I was wondering if there is any way to get the GPS coordinates from just the controller. The tech at the dealer said no. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
IF you can get your log file of your flight you can download healthydrone.com
Did you have an sd card in your st10 ?? if so you can get info from there !!
I found it! I will be getting the SD card in the ST10. Props look like the only damage. I dodged a big bullet on that one.
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Glad to hear that you were able to locate your bird , and with just the blades damaged.
WOW Thats awesome news .....First thing I would do is hook it up to the GUI and see if anythings wrong ,,,Otherwise it's Tech Support Time I guess...Are you still in warranty?
Props were the only damage. I put an SD card in my ST10 as was instructed to do on this and the other forum. It is a very easy operation. Try this link to see if it will get you to the video:
TUTORIAL: ST-10+ SD Card - How & Why
Also if you have to format the SD card this will work:

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