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Prop protectors

Never liked the DJI protectors, to much down drag on them, these seem very thin to not have that issue. But if I am going down, I'm going down hard and they would be useless !
Awe! Liz is back !!!:rolleyes::p:p:rolleyes:
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E-gad..... I like the way the H looks as is. I don't want to make it look like some.. I don't know, weird contraption. i:)i

To be fair it is hard to see what it looks like from just the top view. I would need to see more pictures.

Anyway looks like they are below the blades, only some minor protection really.
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Maybe for when I hotdog around the trees in my yard.

DC you're going down dude! :p
No way Jose! 6.3 million flyer feet on my Phantoms and 16 batteries LOL ! on my H, I am staying up! Before each flight I load my birds with Viagra, helps keep it up!;):rolleyes:

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