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Q500 Gimbal Problem

May 21, 2016
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Crashed Drone second time. First time pulled wires lose and I soldered them back, Worked fine. Second crash pulled chunk out of board. Used the bypass cable and the camera works but not the gimbal. The horizontal motor took a hard hit and I think it may be damaged. Any suggestions ?
I have a similar issue with the wires and I bought my drone 3 days ago. The wires ripped from the gimbal after I landed normally and started to notice the gimbal dangling and 3 wires ripped. It suppose to control the motion of the gimbal, but not the camera. I called support and they wanted to claim it as a crash and charge $50 per hr for repairs. I might just return it. Just very disappointed because I was having a great time flying it and this happened. :(
Crashed my Q500 4K on a job in a remote location. The 3 wires ripped out of the circuit board and I went online to see how to reattach them so I could continue with the job. What I found was a Youtube video about these wires and found out that they are connected to 3 contacts on the slide-in camera platform but there isn't any contacts on the bird. Turns out it was an old design and the 3 wire harness that plugs in with a block now carries all the camera and gimbal functions. Plugged that back in and went flying. Good detail to know!

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