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Realsense not detected OBS not available and IPS not installed

Oct 2, 2023
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Good Day,

i recently updated my Typhoon H (with realsense), sadly now it display no Realsense version (N/A) as well as no obs available. The controller will always send an error that Realsense its not installed (it is installed) and on the GUI it will appear as not installed as well as the IPS. Do you have any idea how could i solve this?

Kind regards
Is the RealSense Module still enabled in System Settings > Other Settings? Maybe this setting was gone during FW update....
Also, please check wiring (the black cable from drone to RS).

br HE
Yes the module is enabled and the wire waa correctly connected. I did a test fly and it showed obs and realsense disabled, but as soon as I took off they went green and the realsense angle appeared on the display. Weird


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An update on the remote and/or reset to the factory will probably be necessary too.
An update on the remote and/or reset to the factory will probably be necessary too.
Ohh, no! Never do that before proper diagnosis. This is the last thing you should do if nothing else helps. FW is up to date.

br HE

Edit: Ups, I didn't read the post #4 carefully. Fuse and UART are OK from this observation. I have also a drone that didn't show RS firmeware version but in this case the RS angle appears indoor immediately after camera connection on the ground. Outdoor the RealSense angle on display depends on GPS fix. It disappears when GPS is lost and comes back with GPS fix.

Why data will be transmitted and sometimes FW version not is one of the great mysterium of Yuneec FW.
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The RS data comes through the ZigBee channel, the version data via the camera WiFi. Did you do the camera update?
Did you notice what was the previous version of the camera firmware?

Do you have OBS and RS data with the camera removed?

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