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Small broken part.. hard to find

Call Yuneec, as I have only seen the whole motor assembly online, and the motor assembly is not very expensive!
I agree with DC, just call Yuneec and see what they will do for you. I also agree with you that 50 Euro is a lot if you just need to replace that connection.
The part was designed and made for the H landing gear. I suspect the only source will be Yuneec, or from someone that destroyed their H.
If people are straining that part enough to break it, then I am sure it is also stressing the gear and the motor also, so may not be bad advice to replace the assembly! Probably why they designed the whole assembly to replace the small part !
(Sorry for my english)
Guys you're lucky to have some parts.
Since 1 month I'm writting everywhere to have some parts and impossible.
Yunnec China replied to see with my local dealer ... I'm in a middle of South Pacific Ocean and my Dealer is in Europe
I contacted Yuneec UK, never replied,
Yunnec Europe ( German) Never replied,
Yuneec HK, never replied,
Yuneec USA, replied they cannot send it because I'm not in USA, even if they send it to someone in US who can ship it to me ... What a F....g mess !!!
I contact the website where I bought it, they are still waiting a reply from Yuneec Europe .... Wow 1st customer service ... WHERE ???
I broke 2 arms and the same part as on the first post....

So I have fixed it by adding a small carbon part in the arm and screw it, but for the retract landing gear, I remove both and land from a bucket .... very professionnal !!

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