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Jan 4, 2019
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Citrus Heights, CA
I found an Interesting Situation with a ST24 Controller, I have 2-ST24's from 2-H920's that I was Inspecting, and 1 of them would Power On normally to the Main Screen, so all was good, well the 2nd ST24 when switched on would show the Blue Power On LED, and I could hear the Fans working, as well as the Startup Chime, but I had no Picture on the Touch Screen. I have seen this Happen before with the Controller Battery having to Low a Voltage so the Screen does not switch On.
I decide to try and Charge the Battery Via the USB Cable and to my surprise the Animated Battery Charging Indicator was Displayed on the Screen, which told me the Screen was working, but the Battery Display showed the Battery to be completely empty , so I decided to Put it on my Balancing RC Battery Charger.
After the Battery completed the Charging Process I re-installed it in the ST24 and switched it on, but again I had no Picture on the 7" Touchscreen.
my 1st thought maybe there was a Problem with the Display, and I wasn't looking forward to swapping it out with a new 1, so I decided to try the Battery from the other Controller and to my surprise everything powered on with the Display working this time.
The Battery I had charged for it tested at 3.6 Volts, and seemed to be normal with no indication it had any issues. I thought this was kind of strange and just wanted to mention it, so that someone else doesn't Replace their Display thinking it wasn't working. I have ran into several other instances where the Controller Battery Voltage was low and didn't allow the Display to turn on.
So if you have the same issue it may be your Battery and not your Display.
Dec 5, 2018
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It might be that the ST16 needs to be rebooted or reset. There are a couple of YouTube videos the describe the process. Search for "Rebooting the ST16".

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