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Strange News !!!

Mar 9, 2016
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Today i made a visit to my store here in Belgium. And one of the salesmen informed me that they got news and it is that Yuneec is stop selling the Yuneec H standard. they are working on a replacement hexacopter (the same form as the H but with some hardware changes)
I have no idea if i can believe this ...

Marnix it would be cost prohibitive to do a recall when firmware updates are so much cheaper. Yuneec could go broke and we can't have that.. People expect them(Yuneec) to take care of us. This is a really nice bird, with some fixable glitches that will be addressed as soon as they put the new firmware out. We just need to have some patience. The pro is due out in August. Fly safe.
Seems hard to believe. Could he have meant that they will sell only the Pro model, and discontinue the Advance?
That was my thought when I read the OP post.
That's correct; the advanced was only available after placing a pre-order earlier. Now you get the same package (extra batteries, hardshell case..etc) except for the wizard when you buy the Intel realsense ( or Pro) version.
Judging from the fact that the Pro version will most likely be out 2 to 3 months after the Advance model. Yea most likely it will be a slightly redesigned model then the Advance model. Why not if you got that much time you can fix any errors you made in the Advance model.
True, true I can hardly wait. I bought the 500+ then they came out with the 500 4K. Go figure.

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