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Telemetry Issue Antennas and Sun Shield for the H

Jun 6, 2016
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Delving into the telemetry files and found there is always a zero reading for amps. Noticed it when I uploaded some files to exmaps.com and the amp reading was flat. Discussed this with exmaps support and they told me what to look for in the actual telemetry file to verify if it was a mistake on their part or Yuneec's part. Looks like Yuneec won that contest. So anyone out there know how to file a bug report with Yuneec? Can you do it online? It would be nice if there was some docs on the layout and what the various fields mean. I can figure out most of them but some are kinda cryptic. I have a feeling they aren't much different than the Q500 telemetry files. Anyone know of a good reference to those? Also since I changed antennas I don't see all those short telemetry files I was seeing with the stock antenna. I had one for each flight this time and I think that is the way its supposed to be. Are the short files an indication that your telemetry is dropping out? As usual I didn't save them after reading that its the longest of the files that are the ones you need to keep and use. So I can't go back and look at the timestamps to see if its indeed dropping out.

I did tape down the antenna on the bird that isn't under the sticker. Moved it away from the landing gear which it always seemed to be attracted too. I found it sitting on the metal part of the landing gear more than once. I was worried it was going to get caught up in the gear.

Plan on doing the stick antenna mod soon. Wondering how hard it would be to bring out the internal antenna on the ST-16 like on the new ones. And I wonder what Yuneec is going to do about all of us that have the older two antenna ST-16. The places for the antennas are in the casting for the H. Looks like at one time they planned on having external antennas. Probably got nuked by the bean counters.

Other than those irritations my H has been flawless. Camera has cleared up since I put on the new camera mounting block with the longer rubber pieces that actually fit in both sides. The little keeper pins lasted one flight. They are too short with the new rubber pieces. So I don't use anything except the 4 rubber pieces and one loop of fishing string through one corner to tie those together now. Its solid you can't pull it out easily. And the image is sharp and clear now. Guess they ran out of the proper size at some point as the short ones aren't long enough to keep the top of the gimbal from hitting the mounting block if they are inserted in both pieces. The new rubber pieces are thicker and reinforced where they mount into the gimbal and mounting block.

Using a sun shield I found on e-bay. Curved so the ST-16 lays almost flat perpendicular to your body so there is no glare. Has a large cut out so you can still get to the screen even though its longer. Attaches with a couple of pieces of velcro. I ditched the velcro that came with it and bought some that isn't as grabby. It kept pulling the piece off the ST-16 when I removed it. With the velcro that isn't as grabby its fine.

So I've had my TH for a month now. Not a scratch on her. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop and crash or hit something but so far so good.
And I wonder what Yuneec is going to do about all of us that have the older two antenna ST-16. The places for the antennas are in the casting for the H. Looks like at one time they planned on having external antennas. Probably got nuked by the bean counters.
From Yuneec's Facebook page, here's a guy who went into their Cali service dep last week,

David Crandell Mark, try calling their customer service in California and tell them you'd like your system updated. Wouldn't hurt to ask. Since its so new on market they might be more likely to oblige you.

Like · Reply · 2 · July 6 at 10:26pm

Mark Bovino
I work across the street from them so I'll go in and talk to them

Like · Reply · 3 · July 6 at 10:38pm

Kevin Kacalek
Mark Bovino Tell them to get a better service dept. The person who tried to help me, did not even know the craft.

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Mark Bovino
So I went in today after work to buy a battery and see what was going on with the new antenna system for the st16. Talking with there head of service manager he told me he wasn't sure but we were probably going to be **** out of luck and just have to purchase it separately once available. He seemed pretty stressed out and acknowledged they were short staffed but were having a hiring freeze so they were struggling to keep up with demand and repairs. I love my H but not too happy that it's so difficult to find a backpack and new things are still being done to the H so we can keep shoveling money to them to keep up with the latest and greatest.
I bought the backpack Carolina Drones has for 70 bucks. Fits perfectly. They have grey and black. A guy that was flying with us last night had the actual hard backpack for his H. Wonder why they discontinued that one. I was a nice piece. New product launches are **** for the employees. No product to work with incomplete documentation it was a real mess at any company I ever worked for. We shipped a product that none of the samples worked with. Talk about a crap storm. I hated lying to customers but sometimes its either do it or get fired. But you really can't trust the customer not to open their mouth if you tell them stuff you were told not to say anything about. I've had them turn on me before. Shouldn't be too hard to put in the 3rd antenna. In fact if you take the case apart there is probably an indentation there for the hole just like on the copter. Hopefully they used a standard connector like on the antennas on the copter and it will be pretty easy to install the 3rd antenna. Hopefully they sold a few to lawyers :)

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