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Typhoon H for a non-commercial hobby user

Jul 16, 2016
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I see a lot of negative reviews on the camera that comes with the H and I understand that for a commercial user this is a problem but for the average hobby user that just wants to fly around and take some nice pics and video do you think the H would be a smart buy? I was all set to buy the Inspire 1 but then did some more research and really liked the fact that the H is a hex and will land with one dead motor. I also like the screen built right into the radio.

Right now I am flying a Align multicopter using a Gopro camera and a 7" led screen for FPV and as you can imagine the video quality is OK at best and the non HD video downlink is really boring. I saw the nice HD display that the DJI's use and really had to have one. For the price of the H and the fact that there is a way to use any 4s lipo battery and my own charger I am pretty much sold on it. I am sure compared to what I am flying now this will be a big step up.
Simply put, its a great little hex that will keep improving as I said in another thread. Has lots of functionality and is portable for a hex.
Sound like you are already familiar with lipos so that is good. I am one that does not like smart batteries, so that is another huge plus for the H to me. That being said, the H batteries may not have good QC at the factory, and some instances of what looks like power loss may be due to bad battery.
So watch the battery closely while in flight and be landed at 14.7v After an hour flight on each of my batteries, the lowest I have landed at is 14.6v, and I am talking while hovering to the ground, not unloaded volts.
I have considered the inspire before. Its a great machine as well, but for me, tough to push into the same category as the H. Bigger, heavier,quad, more polished for lack of better words, more expensive but dropping now. I will check out DJI's next iterations though, I like variety, and hope they have a small hex in the pipeline to check out.

For your question yes the H is very good, no issues with mine and fun to fly.
Sorry for rambling
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I hope that the next phantom is a hex, because the size will have increase to be the same as the H, Then lets see if we hear the phanton 5 is too big, like the BS about the H.

Not very long now before the H pro hits the market.
I'm going to wait a few weeks after the pro is released before getting mine.
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my pro has been on order since march
As you point out it's a great machine for even the more serious hobbyists. I too didn't like the camera in auto setting. Now that I'm learning how to use it properly I'm getting great video and I love the way this bird flies. One of the "Biggies" on my list was low noise. This bird is the quietest of anything I own. My Phantom is just plain irritating.
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Hi all

My friend and I have been a fan of Yuneec for the last six months but in the last week we have been looking at the inspire. If you are not using this for commercial purposes and you aren't looking for a amazing video quality for this might be enough .

You will find:
you will not be able to see the screen even with the sunshade on due to reflection.
The image quality is okay but the video presets are next to useless as they are over exposed and the saturation is off.
Our H has a tendency to drift all over the place.
The manual is non-existent.
The upgrading of the firmware will have you scratching your head because it's not mentioned in the manual.

I have just written an email with 15 issues we are having with our H. The only good point about using the H is the Yuneec customer service which is second to none!

Okay I must admit we are wanting to use it for commercial purposes but we have been contact with Yuneec since April and they assured us the H was good enough.

We are now looking at the inspire 1 v2.0 which by the time you add on the price of the backpack and the real sense module they are the same price

This is just our experience and we must admit we are very disappointed!
Sorry I'm a little confused? , so why are you talking about the inspire for commercial filming ?
Is the thread about non commercial fiming and the H , but I guess some people can't stop there dji propaganda.
I'm sure the video from the H can be used for some commercial applications without a problem. Is it going to be used for Broadcast? No, Movies? No but then again the Phantom and or inspire with the X3 camera is not going to be used for those either. I plan on using my H for commercial use and I'm sure it will be fine.
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Yep you're right.
Get a life DerStig. Go to the DJI site where everyone will agree with you. Your expertise isn't need or wanted here. We are aware of any problems or discrepancies you bring up.
How does the picture quality on the screen from the H compare to what you see on the Dji with a tablet. The last one I saw the picture was kind of dark but the picture quality was ten times better than what I have now.

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I have seen plenty of videos from the H that are on par with DJI and Gopro.
I could have purchased any multi-rotor I wanted and I like the H. I have 12 other quads in may office, 2 with Gopro gimbals and a large Hex I'm building that will have a gimbal for a micro 4/3 camera. I got the H because that is what I like. The phantoms look like all the same cheap quads out there and that is what I think when I see one. Yes the Inspire is nice but it is not the answer to everything.
You go guys. Tell him. Lol
Brandon yor tongue in cheek almost hurts,lol.

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