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UAV Pilot Software (simulator)

May 30, 2016
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North Carolina
I just downloaded the sim software from Yuneec's website and proceeded to open the zip file. When I did so I was alerted by my anti-virus software that it was infected with a trojan horse. Anyone else had this happen? It is a link that you click on Yuneec's site so I suppose the mirror server could be infected?? Anywhere else I can DL?
Scan it. Yuneec could be monitoring DL. Let us know.
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It happens a lot with AVG and Avast and perhaps some other antivirus programs. It's a false positive. You may have to temporarily disable the antivirus to download and install. That's what I did and it works fine.
Yeah I thought perhaps that could be the case but still was a bit uncertain. Yuneec already replied to my email and said they would have their webmaster reinstall the software and do a virus check. Thanks for the feed back!
I just asked a Yuneec sales rep about that.. I love the simulator - I am certain that practicing with it in manual more (angle) saved my Q500 from an ugly end. So, I hope the Typhoon H models and the H920 and anything else will be available soon and I hope they keep all the legacy models in there too.

I think the dongle's a simple radio dongle - the computer program is where the models come from.

OK I checked this out and called Yuneec. They do answer the phone.
Yuneec USA - told me they are working on their web site right now and directed me to download from Yuneec UK.
Windows reported no malware.

-> support
-> downloads
-> Utilities
-> UAV Pilot Sim

108 megabytes, baby!

you could try this direct link but it may/may not go through.
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Was told there is a new version of the software planned to include the other models of aircraft but no date was available. Even so I have fun with the existing virtual Q500.4K inside the UAV-SIM software and there are a few good reasons why it's relevant regardless of the model.

There are some challenges, not especially easy ones - like hovering inside a large aerial 'cube' that floats around above the flying field. Hard to do because you do not have depth perception in the simulator and because there is a random gentle wind.

These exercises seem to help me to fly better in manual mode and although the Q500 is not a racer it is, for me anyway, a lot of fun to fly in 'mode 4' of the ST10+ controller. I believe the benefit of the cube exercise is good for this because when the aircraft is far away you do not have good depth perception of its surroundings either. Sans the cube exercise in the Challenges, I like flying figures in the flying field. Start with an oval, then figure 8, etc.. Angle mode of course or it's just cheatin'.

For those exercises it has not mattered to me which model was used because they are more about trying to polish up certain manual skills, before I risk the aircraft with them, than high-features and whizzbang which are largely automated on the newer models.
The same thing happens with the GUI software..
There is not a virus in the software. It's just a matter of your antivirus program showing a false positive. This happens with many antivirus programs when you download an .exe file. You can disable your antivirus to complete the download and then enable it again.
Has there been any further information regarding this working with the Typhoon H and the ST-16?
the st16 works with it but it still does not have the typhoon H as one of the copters you can pick.
..exactly. ..but the one thing I do not like, is that it flies in GPS mode only, and locks in place. Real training would be with no GPS or auto leveling available. It is very hard to fly that way. If you practice that way, you would be able to handle any drone. Luckily, my RC plane simulator comes with several drones that do not have gps, and such, and I crash non-stop.. :)
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I have the simulator, and the Typhoon H is an available choice in the 3.0 version. If you have an older version, re-download it.
This video demonstrates how to disable GPS, and fly manual:

Yuneec takes a lot of "freedom", suggesting that its UAV Pilot Simulator correctly handles the Typhoon H:
- first, the link http://download.yuneec.com/UAV_Pilot/UAV_Pilot/UAV-Pilot_3.0_setup.exe suggests that this is version 3.0, that is not exact because actually the installed executable carries the version 2.1.0!
- then, if this software worked well with my previous Typhoon H "standard", it does not work with my Typhoon H RealSense Pro!
the propellers turn, some controls work, on the other hand it has no way to have the drone taking off!
It remains resolutely on the ground, whatever the scenario, ... while the pairing procedure has been declared successfully!

Pfff ... already we get tired very quickly of this simulator that is not free, which does not teach much ... we can really do without buying the dongle, in any case until Yuneec does much more efforts and improves its software.
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As you can see above, the simulator does work and fly the simulated Typhoon H.
The ST-10 shows as the controller in the sim, but this does not affect flight
characteristics. Perhaps you should try rebinding the simulator to the st-16?

At least for me, the simulator works... I have simulated several crashes with it! ;)
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the st16 works with it but it still does not have the typhoon H as one of the copters you can pick.
The H is in the latest version of the software, might need to get it from yuneec.de as that seems to get the newest versions first. In the sim the legs work as does the gimbal (no picture on the controller though so not too useful).

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