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Unused connectors?

Dec 20, 2015
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I just purchased a Q500 4K today. I charged it up, took it out and I was like a kid at Christmas. Everything worked perfectly and exceed my expectations. I regret waiting so long

As I was going through the case contents looking at all the cables and connectors figuring out what everything is and where it goes. I was wondering what the 4 pin connector on the Steadygrip behind the gimble mount is for. It doesn't appear that I have a cable for it. There is also one on the underside of the Q500 behind the gimble mount. Everything appears to work fine without a cable being attached.
there should be a wire with a connector coming from the cgo3 that's what plugs into the connectors on the Q & the steady grip.
The new ones do not need the cable. The connector is still there but no need to connect it. It was for the gimbal.
Good Morning,
That is what I was thinking but was not sure. The mount on the Q and gimbal have contacts built into the mounts that automatically make up when the camera is slid in. It makes some things are a little confusing as apparently I have the latest Q, CG03, and Steadygrip but not the latest documentation / manuals. Even some of the docs on the Yuneec site are not 100% up to date and obviously You Tube videos has many older videos making researching answers difficult.

OK, I'm good now.

Thanks guys,
John O'
I know about the contacts on the bottom, but I would still use the wired connectors as a fail safe, and not just leave them dangling.
Nothing is dangling. I did find a black cable in the plastic bag with the empty lens ring and cleaning cloth. However it is not needed for either on the Q or Steadycam. I can't believe Yuneec actually includes an empty lens ring. How cheap.
I recently received my Q500 4K and crashed it the first day, the camera flew off breaking the wires from the mount / contacts to the camera. Luckily my kit included a wire to connect the camera to the drone, so all is well. My problem is as stated earlier that I believe I have one of the latest drones so the manuals don't seem correct. I want to check / update the firmware on the drone, but cannot figure out to do it. There is one wire not connected to anything right inside the battery compartment, but it does not fit the USB interface cable. The is also a label inside the battery compartment that says "USB Programmer Port" but there is no plug.
Any help?

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