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Video Recording Time for H

May 31, 2016
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Hi -- I'm a convert from DJI with a new H. All works perfectly and I'm pleased to say I made the right move. Love this machine. Simple question, however, for those of you in the know: Although I can record video with no problem, the recording time seems to be 5 minutes before the file closes and another open. Not a real problem in editing but I am curious to know if the 5-minute record time the default setting? Or can I change this? BTW, I am using either 32 or 64 GB cards.

Thanks for any clarification.
Mine also, even my DJI's d=started doing it after a few months, seems more video breaks in 4K to me?
5 min of 4K.. what are the file sizes each? Maybe a file format limitation if they are over 4GB each and if it uses the FAT32 format. That cannot handle files large than that. exFat can, unsure what it uses. I have not really recorded or flew mine yet.
Future Firmware upgrades will most likely correct this and a few other issues!, Great machine, Love it!
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Has anyone tried to import directly into Windows GoPro software? My Phantom files import directly but the typhoon files don't import at all?????? I'm thinking it is because they are 4K files now and my phantom files are not?????
The Yuneec file format is just slightly different from Go Pro. Someone found a way to run Chroma 4k files through some other program that would convert them to function in the Go Pro editor but I forgot the name of it. Seemed to me to be more work than it was worth just to keep using the same editing software. WIndows Movie Maker will handle Yuneec files up until you hit 4k resolution.
HASHTAG #SPLICE FOR IPAD. Went searching for something to deal with the 4K videos from H and I did not like most of the results. Tried the Sony and it works but he process times can make you kill yourself if you have a consumer class computer and since I am no pro, I just wanted something I could trim and merge stuff like Imovie for IPAD. When I uploaded the video to my Ipad, and ran it i Imovie, it puked and said oh nay nay wrong codec or some such. BUT I did find something that works pretty well. There is an IOS IPAD application called SPLICE. Splice was recently bought by GoPro. It pulled the H video straight in and Sticks a little Gopro Tag on the end of it, puts up some music boom boom fast. The neat thing is that the output is fully Ipad compatible including Imovie. Believe the output is 1080P. Did not like the editor at first but I am beginning to warm up to it. It is pretty easy. got a lot of free music selections and you can push your video straight to Youtube from it. You can even edit off the GoPro tag at the end if you don't want it.. (I think). After that if you have a favorite 1080P editor it will take the output from Splice just fine. I would not mention it but the process seems pretty quick and easy and I am pretty impatient. I had the whole thing done in about 15 minutes the first time.
Hi I just bought the typhoon q500 4K. Works perfect just one little problem it takes videos but I cannot watch them on my laptop is there some special program or do I just need updates

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