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Warning: start up sequence - crash

May 24, 2016
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When starting up the motors if it fails to start right away after holding the RED button for a few seconds and instead emits a tone, do NOT keep trying! I think it's better to power cycle the H and try again.

Started with doing a full preflight check, double checking each prop was on securely, H was initialized, etc. Noticed the motors didn't start up on my first attempt, so I simply thought I must have let go of the red button a tad early. Tried again a second time, same thing, after 3 seconds instead of spinning up the H would just emit a short tone. Tried it once more and on the third time it spun up as normal. HOWEVER shortly after lifting up noticed the bird was squiggly so tried to immediately land it. I was able to touch down on the ground briefly, but instead of the props spinning down like normal, it suddenly went full speed backwards (towards me!) dragging along the ground. Obstacle avoidance was off, was in angle mode. Broke 3 props. Was able to test the H after the mishap and got a full flight with perfect hovering, flying, landing, etc, so have no idea what happened other than something glitched.

So word of caution: if the motors don't spin up right away and instead the H emits a tone in response, don't keep trying. Reboot it!
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If you do not have a GPS lock when pressing the red button, it will make a beeping sound and the motors will not start.. Unless the gps is disabled.
If you do not have a GPS lock when pressing the red button, it will make a beeping sound and the motors will not start.. Unless the gps is disabled.
Yeah that's the weird part. I had lock on 12 satellites before taking off and according to the telemetry file 16 satellites when it took off backwards towards me.
How many satellites on the RC? Top right, next to the clock.
I would've checked for at least 8 as part of preflight but don't recall the exact number at the time. The telemetry file shows lock on 10 sats 30 secs before motors started, 12 sats during take off, and 16 sats on landing.
That is true you need a ready before you start the bird. In our haste to get off this world we just might fall down. We all make mistakes.
If this was your first flight, or first flight at a new location, it takes a bit to get a position fix. You may have 10 plus satellites in view, but your position takes time to figure out. Since I fly out of my front yard most of the time is gets a position fix very quickly. ( It remembers where it left off)
When I go to a different location I have to wait. If the tail light is NOT flashing Purple/White (angle mode) you Do Not have a GPS fix. Glad the damage was not too bad.
Happened on my 3rd flight. I've had 3 more flights since the incident all flawless flights. I'm really loving the H. I don't think I skipped anything but it was crazy to see it land for 1 second, then suddenly fly full speed backwards towards me skimming along the ground like a torpedo and I was the target. Don't know how that could ever happen. Thought there would be some code or safeguard that would not allow that to happen. I come from RC helis and am normally quick on the stick. With helis you always have control with the sticks so if you crash it's on you, but the H had a mind of its own and was not listening!:mad:

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