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When will Typhoon H Professional in the market?

Apr 30, 2016
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Are there any of you who just heard little about when Typhoon H Professional will come on the market? Or are also frustrated as I am, on this waiting? Please honest answer.
last i heard was end of june in the uk im guessing july tho
I just received an email from a store saying that the Typhoon H pro will be ready to ship in August...
In one of the interviews trent said the Pro version will have the realsense built in while that advance(basic) will have it as a added on module. So the Pro may look a little different that advance model. Plus people are now report Pro will now come out in August, That's a long time, so Pro version may look slightly different.
That's the advanced package (and where i got mine), I originally pre-ordered the "PRO" but when the price went up decided I didn't need the realsense either. IPS will be an add on module as well, I've seen £75 quoted for it.
I think the pro will have real sense and IPS . I saw where it hooks up in the rear.
I was told yesterday by Yuneec that the Typhoon H Pro version with full real sense would not be out until late July, and a addon real sense module for the standard H was going to be £350
I'm surprised no one said available in two weeks ;-)

Trent said the intel realsense will be available summer 2016. I would imagine that once the Intel realsense is available, the pro model will also be available.

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