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Where are all the "Unboxings"?

Mar 24, 2016
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Melbourne, Australia
At least by now with an "imminent" arrival of a new aircraft, we would be seeing a few privileged dealers showing us at least what's in the box ahead of the general release to the paying customers. As yet ........ Nothing.
What's occurring here Yuneec?
Seems that Yuneec are yet to file their defense with the courts. Best they reveal nothing; all this takes time.
The law is not interested in product marketing!
Just so you know, in federal court the defendants have 21 days from the date of service to file a responsive pleading (Answer, Motion to Dismiss, etc) unless they waived formal service in which they get a total of 60 days from the date of the Plaintiff's request for waiver of formal service. In this case DJI filed on the 1st, so Yuneec has until at least the 22nd if service was made on the 1st. If Yuneec waived formal service don't look for anything until the end of May or early June.
Since DJI did not file for a temporary injunction the litigation is not going to make a difference as to when the H gets released. Now if Yuneec actually did do some corporate piracy and they know they are going to lose, they may prefer not to release the H until Yuneec negotiates licensing with DJI.
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Thank you for your patience and ongoing support. Typhoon H will start shipping next week. We had an overwhelming response and number of pre-orders, and are actively working to keep up with strong demand.

-Team Yuneec.

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