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Where to get Typhoon H repaired in Western US?

Jul 26, 2016
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So I dunked my Typhoon H into water. Yea, I did that. Funny though the camera still works but other things don't. Like the GPS and it can't read battery info anymore. Full (new) batteries start as full but as soon as I add power the battery volts drop to nothing and alarm sounds. I can keep it hovering if I don't add power to go up and the volts start going up. If I hover a bit it will go up to 14.4 volts (instead of 13 & empty battery icon) and I can fly it for a good 20 minutes but I think the issue is with some of the circuit boards. The GPS and whatever reads to volts.

1. Can someone recommend a place to send it in for servicing? I'm in Northwest US.
2. Is it too old to bother with fixing? I got it about 3 months after they initially came out. Not a lot of hours on it but does Yuneec still make parts for their original?
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The direct answer to "who can fix it" would be John Mitchell at https://yuneecskins.com/all-products/ols/products/typhoon-h-repair-estimate-diagnostic-service .
But the behavior you describe is also often mentioned in relation to defective batteries. Even if the batteries are new. How many batteries have you tried? Do they all behave the same?
I also filled out a repair for VERTIGO DRONES. Is this place recommended or would you say for sure use yuneecskins.com?
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For me this sounds like a serious contact problem at battery connector (the one inside and the one at the battery as well, more probable the one inside). Proper cleaning and contact spray may do the trick. And, if drone is open I wound do a good visual check to exclude corrosion and dirt on the main board, especially around the ESCs.

Pull, clean and restore all connectors inside to be sure there is good contact too.

br HE
I seem to be the only Vendor with the Parts for Typhoon H Repairs, several Customers have sent me their Drones after the other guy's failed to make the Repair... Compare Reviews...;)
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