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Recent content by floridajames04

  1. floridajames04

    My Bird Is Back!

    So after having several “issues” with my H+ since I purchased it last fall from Best Buy, I finally received my H+ back from the Syracuse Repair Team up in New York. When I sent it out I stated the Gel Dampers for the camera were oozing liquid after a couple months of use and that my SD card...
  2. floridajames04


    Turn off gps in the android controller
  3. floridajames04

    H plus record sound ????

    Lets be honest... why would you want to record prop noise? Very amateurish.... [emoji38]
  4. floridajames04

    Camera Issues

    No one? Anyone?
  5. floridajames04

    Camera Issues

    Pictures are worth a thousand words... or two thousand dollars? Any recommendations? Thanks all! Problem 1 - Gimbal Gel Dampers Leaking Problem 2 - SD Card Ejector failure Problem 3 - No SD card is discoverable brand new or used 64GB or 128GB. Solutions? Warranty? Manufacture Defects?
  6. floridajames04

    Controller Won’t Charge?

    False alarm.. I was using the wrong android cord. Thanks all!
  7. floridajames04

    Controller Won’t Charge?

    So apparently my controller is dead. I must have had it turned on and left it on by mistake till I died. Today I went to plug it in and it won’t take a charge, period... as in it won’t come on even to show it’s charging! Any one else have this issue? Solutions? Happy Turkey Day!!!!
  8. floridajames04

    Flight Time

    But we can’t do this on the H Plus is what I’m gathering?
  9. floridajames04

    Flight Time

    Maybe I’m missing it, but is there any type of flight recording to see how many hours/mins my H Plus has flown in total? Thanks!
  10. floridajames04

    So exactly on what H model or year did ST16 go from 2 antennas to 3 antennas ?

    When they switched to ST16+ it went dual band. I think now we use S16S if I’m correct?
  11. floridajames04

    Copy video from ST16s to PC

    Pull the SD card from the camera each and every time and drag and drop to your PC. Problem solved. [emoji106]
  12. floridajames04

    How to transfer image files from ST16S controller to computer

    I don’t get it, put an SD card in the camera, take SD card out put in computer and Voila l, all your pics should be there...however i normally just email them to myself if I’m in a hurry, better than paying for an app... Goodluck though sir!
  13. floridajames04

    C23 rubber dampers (gel filled)

    Mine are leaking too! Camera works fine though.
  14. floridajames04

    ST 16 Transmitter Tray

    I’ll take one!