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landing gear

  1. J

    Controller Issue

    Just had to rebind my controller and camera; now my landing gear won't retract and once lift-off it won't let me land. Fortunately, I was only 6' of the ground testing the controls. ANY SUGGESTIONS - its got to be something simple??
  2. T

    Landing Gear for H/H+

    Are the landing gear on a Typhoon H the same as on an H+?
  3. mac1520

    Landing gear issues

    Took my Typhoon H on it’s maiden flight today. When I raised the landing gear, the right side went up and the left stayed down. Cycled the switch several times, and left side slowly went up and got stuck half way, I had plenty of battery life, so cycled several times and finally got both to...
  4. J

    Stuck retracted legs

    Upon power on of the H520 in the field, the legs retracted of their own volition even though the blades weren't turning and the ST16S switch has the legs in the down position. Repeated attempts to lower the legs have failed. Does anyone know of a way of 'forcing' the legs back down? Otherwise...
  5. D

    Bought on eBay.

    Bought my H off of eBay. In perfect condition as stated by the seller. It was shipped in the backpack with the box foam. Well packed, very protected. The landing gear does not work properly. One side tries, goes up 10-20 degrees and stops, the other doesn't move at all. I have calibrated the...
  6. P

    Landing Gear Wires

    Hey All, So I've had my breeze for about a month now and hope to use it in our travel videos we produce soon. My question is, What are the wires that lead into the landing gear for? When testing the indoor flight mode something happened with the wifi signal and i was unable to stop the...
  7. B

    Post Crash Update - Question

    Had a crash in February, sent to Yuneec's repair center in NY. Received it back after several components were fixed. Fantastic customer service. However, upon flying it again for the first time this week, the landing gear did not retract. Repair included motherboard, 1 or 2 rotor motors. They...
  8. Chris Dunn

    Landing gear will not retract

    After havig issues with the camera at a 45 degree downward angle, after updating all software and tested everything before I took off . but just after take off my landing gear did not retract. Yes if I were to flip it over it willl work but that is not good since it will still not work the...
  9. C

    How do I replace landing gear motor?

    I recently crashed my Typhoon H into a tree, which caused some propellers to break, and a hard landing followed, resulting in a broken landing gear motor. I have purchased the replacement part, but after awhile of unsuccessfully trying to unscrew it, I have zero idea what I'm doing, and don't...
  10. T

    Help finding the landing gear T type connectors

    Hi everyone I'm in search for the T Type connectors that connect the 12mm downrod with the 10mm horizontal landing gear rods & all Ive been able to find thus far are 16mm to 10mm T Type connectors used on a tarot drone so they wont work. I've already bought 12mm CF rods and 10mm CF rods to both...
  11. Joseph Corrado

    Landing gear Seat. I can't find them!

    I am having the biggest pain in what should be simple. I have a small break in one of my landing gear seats. Exhibit A. Its the piece that fits inside the landing gear motor assembly. Exhibit B. I can't find just this small simple piece anywhere without having to buy the entire assembly...
  12. Chris McMillan

    Always carry a padded bucket for the H

    First Problems yesterday with the H. After about 15 mins flying nicely, thought I'd bring it down. At approximately 20mt up I flicked the LG down........nothing. Up, down....nothing. Down to 5mt ..... Still staying up. (Not really panicking at this stage, just looking around for a bucket with a...
  13. I

    Landing gear malfunction... Help?

    Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying your new H! Just got mine on friday, flown it four times since. On the first three flights, the retractable landing gear worked perfectly fine, but on the fourth flight, for no conceivable reason, the port-side gear stays down even thought the starboard-side...