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  1. M

    ST16 not charging

    I put ST16 on charge last night ready for my day off flying today. It was at 55% last night and its at 55% this morning. I have this morning tried 3 different USB leads, charging from the Yuneec charger, laptop and the powerful Anker power bank I use in the field, nothing charges the ST16. Any...
  2. Flying-Potato

    Changing the ST16 indicated AGL Altimeter and IAS

    I know there is a way to change the Altimeter and IAS of the ST16 from Imperial to Think-Metric. But I want to know if there is a way to change it independently instead of having it as a global setting. Simply because in Canada particularly in BC we use metric and imperial (Like we use...
  3. T

    Does anyone use the alternate "Modes" for the ST16 Joysticks?

    Hey folks... I've been flying my H for a while now and continue to feel like I'm just not intuitively feeling like I have control. Granted, I could continue to practice, but for some reason my brain just thinks that my right hand should be controlling the direction of flight (yes, I am...
  4. FlyBry

    Channel 12, what does it control?

    Programming the ST16 channel profiles and mapping inputs to outputs in advanced mode is intuitively easy, I made a Fast Mod Profile that makes the H perform much faster than the standard profile. I turn, elevate and accelerate much quicker than the default setup, not recommended for photo...
  5. T

    Never Seen This Screen On My ST16 Has Anyone Else?

    Hey everyone so as I browse to get quality images of Yuneec Logo's, Typhoon H Logo's Etc. (Being that Yuneec Is the first company with a website that I've seen that Does Not have any kind of graphic Bin directly on their website where you can go to, to be able to find all the various lettering &...
  6. Tiburon

    ST16 Problems

    Hello Everybody, Even I think this is also related to the recent V3 update, I am opening a new discussion. Since the V3 update I cannot calibrate the J2 channel anymore. The corresponding gauge remains red independent what I am doing. The Hardware Monitor is not showing any reaction to any of...
  7. T

    Hopefully Someone knows Specs of the ST16(+) Need Help.

    Hi everyone I decided a while ago to purchase a set of Lume Cube extremely bright Lights that mount to each side of the H & claim to be capable of 1500Lumens each. They are nice & extremely bright, But they are also pretty heavy & therefore through the balance off on the H. So my question is...

    J2 and J3 mixture

    Hello friends. I have a mixture with station ST16, with J2 and J3 channels. I updated and reset the system and the problem remains the same. Any ideas? Thank you very much, David
  9. Tiburon

    Connect ST16 with the Internet

    Hello Everybody, This is my first post and hence I would like to introduce myself quicky. I live in Switzerland and possess since one month a Typhoon H with RS. So far I am super happy with this Copter as I didn't noticed any alarming behaviour. The firmware V3.0 that is out now made me...
  10. Omar Dairky


    So this is the deal i ordered extra brotect anti glare films for the ST16/24...thinking i was going to need more but it works so well and was easy to put on I have 2 extra ones that ill be nice and send out for FREE the first 2 people to subscribe to me on youtube will get them...I will...
  11. Ian Palmer

    FPVLR longe-range antenna for ST16

  12. C

    ST16 Controller Wouldn't Boot Up and was warm 12 hours later

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the Yuneec community..just bought the Typhoon H, and flew it for the second time yesterday. Flights went fine, but the ST16 is not doing well.. When I tried to turn the ST16 on last night for flight 3, it wouldn't turn on...no fans, no splash screen, etc...just the...
  13. ComradD

    ST16 Wi-Fi won’t turn on, no camera connection

    My CGO3+ doesn't connect to ST16. WIFI doesn't work and cannot be enabled. My android phone can see and connect to the camera. May be problem is in Android?
  14. I

    How to change HDMI setting on ST16?

    Hi, I want to send the HDMI signal out. It works fine on 1080p monitors. But all the goggles are 720p. I saw this video that shows a setting, but I can't find it on my ST16. Probably this was an earlier firmware (I'm recently updated). I don't speak German... Any ideas on how to switch the...
  15. S

    H blinking blue, ST16 not detecting

    Hey Gang, I don't know how to delete a thread.. but I think I figured it out. Didn't tilt it forward enough times! :-D
  16. D

    Yuneec st16 manual ?

    Hi, I didnt find the answer... But is there any manual for the st16 plz ? Thank you
  17. A

    Typhoon H - Team Mode

    First posting, I'm already or at least was a Yuneec user, having been flying a Q500+ for over 6 months, until this week had my first and a serious crash. All my fault, I noticed that the quad was drifting and not holding its position with no input on the controls, should have landed then and...
  18. Jared

    ST16 hardware specs

    So I was curious what hardware Yuneec put into the ST16. A quick check with CPUZ shows the following in the attached images. The quick & skinny of it is it's no slouch for performance. This is good news because Yuneec has plenty of ceiling room for future updates and features that might require...
  19. D

    Typhoon H Issues

    So I am writing in attempt to see if anyone has made more headway than I have in regards to a few different issues with the Typhoon H. 1) If anyone here uses a Mac then you've probably ran into the issue where when using any editing software available you get non stop light video skipping...
  20. B

    Yuneec Customer Service Rocks!

    Howdy folks, I just wanted to praise Yuneec Customer Service for an outstanding job today. I received my H late yesterday afternoon. I had read about the ST16 Rattle (Fan) issue on this forum, so the first thing I did was open the box and inspect everything. I too got an ST16 with the fan...