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  1. JPThompson

    Binding after wand use

    So, this is my first post. Forgive me if it’s been resolved elsewhere. I’ve done a search and gotten some useful information, but none specific to my issue. I’ve flown my H for months with no issues. The other day, I decided to try out the wand, (which had sat stored in the case unused with...
  2. B

    I need someone to share with me a copy of all the folders of the st16 to repair my st16

    I need someone to share with me a copy of all the folders of the st16 to repair my st16, I need all the root folders to be able to restore my st16 and terminate this problem that was caused by me by simply deleting my st16 please help me what I am doing is for my son to be happy again.....my...
  3. B

    Yuneec ST16 station Trasmitter missing files

    Only I need 2 important files and they are the following: Transmitter version and the radio version. if someone can share it here to be able to repair my st16 controller it will be of great help
  4. SilentR9

    Take your guesses :p

    Migrated my work to the Typhoon H platform, take a guess at what im working on.... good luck :D This Saturday i will reveal what this is....
  5. H

    How To Master Typhoon H?

    I have bought the Typhoon H a month ago and I am wondering how Can I Master Flying This Machine. I am located in Dallas, TX. Please, Advice! Thanks!
  6. Pöllö

    Telemetry data to the ST16

    Hi, Here is a little piece of Arduino code to experiment with, if someone wants to send telemetry data back to the ST16 from a custom-built drone. There is still some work to do with the data fields, but this should get you started. I had to write this to test ST16 telemetry for my Typhoon H...
  7. JMolter

    ST16 froze mid-flight

    So here's what happened. It just snowed here in Wisconsin and I wanted to get a quick few pictures of the area but didn't have time to fully charge my Typhoon H battery, so I put it on the charger for around 45 minutes and then removed it and went to my flying spot. It was 23 degrees out when I...
  8. FhvnEd

    Confused over the ST16 Screen

    Hello Folks. Just transferred over from the Mavic 2 Forum after buying a new Typhoon H+, and I have some questions. I'm really not that mentally challenged and electronic devices don't usually stump me, but here goes. After following the setup instructions for theTyphoon, I downloaded the new...
  9. J

    ST16 as Universal Transmitter

    Been looking at getting building a racer FPV drone and wondering if I can program the ST16 as a universal transmitter? I know it has advanced channel settings... Can it communicate a third-party flight controller?
  10. N

    H520 Offline Maps

    I have been encountering a slight problem with my offline maps, and was wondering if anyone knows a way to fix this. I can download whatever maps I want when I am connected to wifi and the "Tile Groups" show up with the green dot as downloaded, but whenever I go out to the field they show up...
  11. ShawnIde

    Comparison - Yuneec Typhoon H vs The new H+ (Plus)

    Hey guys... I made a video on the physical differences between the Yuneec Typhoon H and New H+ (Plus)... What do you think?
  12. Nobel Drones


    Hi guys I wanted to know how much extra space I have on the st16 for pictures videos etc. Any extra stuff that I have on the PAD. Thank You
  13. Jhen19

    ST16 Battery Charging Issue

    Hi guys, Just unboxed my Typhoon H today, but have been doing hours of reading and YouTube browsing to prepare for its arrival. To preface the meat & potatoes of this post, I've searched around to see if anything else on the forum matches my question, but it's only bits and pieces of the issue...
  14. C

    SOLD$1,499 - 2 Yuneec TyphoonH's, 2 cameras cgoet,cgo3+, 3 batt. 2 remotes -

    Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel Real Sense AND additional Typhoon H (no real sense, stock) AND 3 batteries AND ST16 remote controller AND Wizard wand controller AND CGO3+ 4K camera AND CGO-ET Thermal imaging camera. Yes, 2 drones, 3 batteries, 2 remotes, 2 cameras a 4k and a thermal imaging camera...
  15. T

    "first use need to connect network"? message

    I wanted to open a telemetry log from the Flight Log Parser screen and got the message. "First use need to connect network." What network does this refer to? The St16 is connected to my home wireless network already. This is the first time I've tried to look at a telemetry file, but I've...
  16. useitorloseit

    Unbelievable deal you HAVE to look at if you fly Yuneec Typhoon products

    So I am selling two of my Yuneec Typhoon H pro models, One of wihk is in MINT condition and I have had zero issues out of. the total package comes with as follow. 1.Yuneec Typhoon H Pro, several flights with all telemetry data saved to UAV Toolbox so you can essentially look up every flight...
  17. A

    Best way to charge ST16 battery externally

    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to charge the ST16 battery externally? I know I am going to need to buy an EC2 connector but I have no idea what other things I will need. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. J

    ST16 | What's a Good Price

    I'm thinking about getting a second ST16 to have for a camera operator to use and I'm seeing wildly different prices online. Anyone know what's a ripoff, what's a scam, and what's a good deal? See links below: $700 Vertigo Drones $370 Amazon $180 Ebay?!?!
  19. A

    ST16 Video Receiver Replacement

    Does anyone have any experience replacing the Video rx on the St16? I was having issues as explained in this thread I posted a while back St16 Receiver Issues I tried resetting and rebinding to no avail. I figured I could try to replace the video rx to resolve my issues. So if anyone has any...
  20. A

    St16 Receiver Issues

    Recently I purchased the Itelite DBS antenna range extender to ensure stronger connections in urban areas. Extender...