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  1. A

    How to change firmware from US to EU ?

    I am trying to change Typhoon H's firmware from US to EU, but I am not succeed. I have understood that only difference between US and EU version is the CGO3+ camera firmware, right ? So, st16 firmware and Typhoon H's firmware, Autopilot and Gimbal versions are the same in both US and EU...
  2. robnmi

    Mantis G manual update process

    Hi pilots! I have a Mantis G and i would like to put a beta firmware to it for testing the range. I have 2 update files. I put one (update.zip) on a microSD card inserted to the drone turned on and the fw flashing completed well. Then i tried to flash the controller with an USB stick inserted...
  3. B

    H plus cannot link Copter anymore, Camera works fine (after latest, big Update)

    Have a problem with a H plus and getting crazy plus a very bad taste of the Hotline in Germany. I ran the last big Update and my H plus was - since purchased new - no longer in the Air before, then 3 times up to 3 meters and ... minutes. Last weekend I finally want to go to fly with my son...
  4. M

    No Fly Zone Update Problem

    Hey, all! I searched, but couldn't find an answer, so here's my situation for you gurus to ponder... As a Part 107 pilot, I needed to disable the NFZ restriction in my Typhoon H, so I downloaded the NFZ files and GUI to use on Windows 10. The GUI successfully connects and displays all the...
  5. arruntus

    Update 1.3 - 1 March 2018

    If it's okay with you, we'll create a new thread to describe everything in this update. In time, more will come. Update 1.3 official description ------------------------------------------- DataPilot ST16S: Redundant video record (720p) ST16S: Video playback KML shapefile import (e.g. from...
  6. C

    Can't update or fly

    Yesterday I bought this drone and after a 2 min fly I stopped and put it down for 30 mins. when I went to turn it on, the power button went strait to blue, I thought maybe it was normal but when i connected to it wouldn't fly, so i tried to update, it said there was insufficient battery. i put...
  7. R

    ST16+ Error :0 with Playstore

    Hi all, I'm new to the st16+ scene and really needs some assistance getting playstore to work. I have reinstalled apk's cleared caches, memory, deleted all reinstalled, updated, turned the remote off and on.... Nothing is working. I've even swapped memory cards only to re-download with no...
  8. P

    Good News -> MAJOR Update for Typhoon H expected on January 1st

    On Thursday, I attended the 2017 PhotoPlus expo, where Yuneec was an exhibitor. I asked the representative at the booth about upcoming software updates for the H, specifically ones bringing some of the H520 features to the H. He told me that they are not promising anything yet, but to expect...
  9. CzarMark

    Breeze Cam App (iOS)

    I downloaded a new version of the iOS Breeze Cam app today (v The notes just indicated 'Bug Fixes'. Any idea what bugs were fixed?
  10. arruntus

    How To: Basic procedures with the H520 and cameras

    [Mod Edit] A BIG thanks to @arruntus for putting together this thread... which pretty much has most of the instructional videos on the 520... :cool: =================================================== Basic Procedures (Getting Started) All the basic steps to make a flight. Spread arms, mount...
  11. M

    Calibration menu does not work

    Hi All, Well I was planning a flight today, first since update. I recallibrated ST-16, went fine. I have set up my H perfectly level to do accelorometer and gimbal calibration but I cannot. When I open the calibration menu on the ST-16 none of the option within it work at all. I cannot...
  12. AJupstateNY

    New Firmware update....

    Greetings, Just did new firmware update, downloaded from Yuneec St16 & H firmware, the H firmware is a zip file. Follow Yuneec video to do update, my Pro is just few months old so had current updates. Well finished update, but appears some thing didn't go right. Now have v03.01.b30 on St16...
  13. Dezzzy.D

    Updating ST16 to v03.01.b27 from v03.01.b22 ISSUES

    Hey all I've haven't been flying since September. Obviously I'm trying to update now to the November update but I can't get my ST16 to unpack the files. I've tried 3 memory cards. All formatted to MS-DOS(FAT) on a mac for FAT32. One is the original card it came with the other 2 are 32gb cards I...

    Firmware Update Video - For updates at end Oct & later

    Back in September of this year I posted a "How To" video on updating the Firmware in the Typhoon H. When Yuneec added the Over The Air (OTA) feature to the Typhoon H firmware update, they changed how the update was done. You now update the ST16 first in order to load the instructions for OTA...
  15. Steve Carr

    Post your results of the 11-16-2016 firmware here.

    Latest firmware is V3.01 and V3.01.b27
  16. T

    H update and deleting log files

    I thought I read that the log files were suppose to be deleted b4 doing the newest update. I tried doing a search for this and could not find that post. Don't know if I'm doing to many drugs or if this is what should be done. I did go to Yuneec's site and I didn't see any reference to this...
  17. Omar Dairky


    We are pleased to announce that there is a new firmware update available. We at Yuneec are encouraging all Typhoon H customers to update to the latest firmware on their models as it improves the following: Improves compass performance and aircraft stability when temperature is high Improves...

    LOVE the new Firmware features!

    As a follow-on to my video showing "how to update the firmware on the Typhoon H & ST16", I made a quick video about the new features. This is one firmware update where I really like the new features. I can certainly make use of all of them! Well done Yuneec! Here is the vid:
  19. G

    Latest firmware (July 2016) Unofficial Changelog

    Trying to collate information spread across numerous threads Changes: Ability to playback video and photos on ST16 Task functions can now be used without enabling advanced mode Ability to enable Realsense module if installed Improved wifi/video connection times GPS can be turned off in flight...
  20. Danny Baur

    Here's my gig

    I bought the H early not just to fly it but to wait until all the bugs are out... Well, not all the bugs... So far, I have only experienced problems once and grounded my H before anything bad happened. This thread is for fellows H pilots that feel the same way.... Buying early, but not flying...