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Cali Flyers - Family needs help with missing person search!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blackout23, May 21, 2016.

  1. blackout23

    May 9, 2016
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    *** M I S S I N G P E R S O N ****
    Please help find Juan Vierheller!!
    Juan Manuel Vierheller, 27 years old. He was last seen by his brothers past May 13 (2016) at camping Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, CA at Crowley Lake - Beaver Cove around 12:30 AM.
    Authorities has already stopped the main searching after three days without finding him.
    Family would like to have a collaboration of someone who can fly a drone over the lake.
    If you live near the area and wants to help, please contact them.


    Please guys help this family if you can. They just need you to fly your drone over the lake and the area. There are no problems with the park authorities. They have permission. The family is so desperate they even bought 2 drones for this search and don't know how to fly them. They just need pilots!

    Guys, I'll level with you...there's a high likelihood this will be a recovery effort so keep that in mind. I'm just passing along the info so we can get some results and closure for the family. I'm several states away or I would have been there already. They've been posting on Facebook but have gotten no help yet. I figured this is a good place to try.

    Mods -- If this is in wrong place I'm sorry..just trying to reach any MR pilots that might be close enough to help.