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The Drone Game


Jan 21, 2019
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I just thought that I would put my thoughts together, and write about "The Drone Game" an addendum to A Droner's Guide to Surviving Virginity (since mother nature disrupts my intentions of going to work this morning)

There is probably more new operator out there anxiously looking for guidance, tips, and hints to help them enjoy this amazing hobby safely than ever before, may it be someone, who is starting out as a hobbyist, with the intention to grow as a commercial operator. I am extremely surprised by the mockery in the comments of some of the members, as well as the rhetoric's being shared that is out of topic. More experienced RC “pros” are none sympathetic to noob mistakes, and call them out for their lack of understanding and skill level. Instead of being boastful, I feel that we should help newbies to gain enough confidence and experience to fly safe enough to enjoy the hobby and learn how to fly a drone. After all, it is in our interest also because that way they pause less risk to the hobby getting banned entirely and if they are happy drone pilots, they will inspire others to fly as well.

First off let us start, with the FAA rule and regulations, so we do not beat the VLOS, BLOS and the proper use of a VO. I will cut to the chase, visit this site. FAADroneZone and work your way backwards in learning about the Drone regulations here in the U.S. And if you reside outside of the U.S, research on the rule and regulations in your country.

Before we get dirty, I would like to share two things.

  • Fly Nifty.
It’s always a good idea to get a cheap drone to start with while you’re learning how to fly a drone, and there are an abundance of different models on Amazon and eBay that under $50, so it’s easier to deal with if you crash than having a $1,800 - $3,000 sUAS. Also, they are a lot smaller and lighter, it causes a lot less damage to people or objects.

  • If I can do it all over again.
Some of my batteries are years old and has a lot of flight time, but if I can do it all over again, I would buy an aftermarket charge and ditch the factory charger. Currently this past for days, I had to relearn and learn about battery charging, and thanks to the awesome members on here, who guided me on how to effectively use my charger, after being a PITA. At present, I am using the HTRC LiPo Battery Charger Duo Discharger Dual and as far as cables go, research on the correct configuration, specific our battery, and there are also helpful DYI.

  • At the launch pad.
Learn the lingo.

As you start learning about drones, you might find yourself lost among unfamiliar terms. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Drones themselves go by many names, from UAV to RPA, and even the drone industry is still struggling to reach a consensus about which name it likes best. But every new hobby comes with a list of specialized terms, and learning these words is part of the excitement of immersing yourself in a new world. Quick Reference Guide of Drone Terminology

The controls.


Throttle: Makes the quad ascend (climb) or descend (come down).
Yaw: Rotates the quadcopter clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Roll: Tilts the quadcopter left or right.
Pitch: Tilts the quadcopter forward or backward. These controls are also referred to aileron (roll), elevator (pitch) and rudder (yaw)

  1. Read the manual, specially make a footnote on proper binding to RC-AC. RC -Gimbal.
  2. How to update a build/software.
  3. How to downgrade a build/software.
  4. How to calibrate. IMU, GYRO, RC Mapping, and Compass.
  5. And ask yourself a question of why we need to calibrate, how often, and the importance of these tools.
If in doubt, read the manual.

Flight modes. There are many different flight modes, as far as Yuneec Products, there are:

  1. Angle.
  2. Sport.
  3. POI
  4. Journey.
  5. Curve Cable Cam.
  6. Team Mode.

In it best to familiarize early, because flight modes or other calls intelligent flight modes is what makes flying a drone fun.

  • From hover to flight.
Did you know that it is a well-known fact that most drones that fell out of the sky are due to operator error? Sadly it is, due to the improper care of the battery, and improperly inserting/securing the battery to the drone. That is a disputable fact!
This is why, when you first receive your drone and has gone through the basic fundamentals, and ready to fire it up for the first time......... HOVERING is very important! When I have a new drone, I will fly that drone on a hover for a week, this may sound boring, but this stage is very critical, because you are getting familiarized with the control inputs, customizing the RC curves, sensitivity, rate (if your RC allows you customize) It will seem pretty tedious for first-timers as it requires concentration, but practicing this will help improve your flying skills, specially if you are flying in none GPS mode.

Hovering: This is where you maintain the drone’s position in the air. More advanced drones’ come with an altitude hold, which allows the drone to hover without the pilot controlling the throttle. Cheaper drones will require the pilot to maintain its altitude by using the throttle.

After the hover (while in none GPS mode, if you wish.) fly in large orbit circuit, while facing at the drone at all times, and then tighten the circuit to where the drone flies safely closer to you, once you master this practice the drone noise-in, in figure 8.

Orbit: When you circle an object on the ground. Often used when shooting aerial video to deliver cinematic looking shots.
Figure of 8: When you fly your drone in a path resembling the figure 8.

Most common Drone problems.

Signal Issues

You are probably flying outside the manufacturer's latitude specifications.
On a location with heavy WiFi traffic (Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth in your RC settings)

Problems Taking Off

Are you in the NFZ zone? Did you wait to acquire a satellite signal?
For NFZ removal, contact Yuneec.

Poor Battery Life

Poor battery life is something that is very common. Give is some juice before you fly.

Wrong Flight Direction

What happens if you steer your drone to the left and it goes to the right? Are you in RC mode 1 or RC Mode 2?


How to retrieve telemetry: How To Get H Plus Telemetry Files

Advance IMU and Gyro Calibration: Locked out from IMU and Gyro calibration?

**** If I miss anything, kindly contribute below.

Apr 15, 2019
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Looks like a nice battery charger RPR! I have been waiting for almost a month from vertigodrones for my DY5 charger and it has still not shipped. Maybe I'll cancel the order and go with this one


Jan 21, 2019
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Looks like a nice battery charger RPR! I have been waiting for almost a month from vertigodrones for my DY5 charger and it has still not shipped. Maybe I'll cancel the order and go with this one
I have a DY5 charger, but I am liking the RC charger because allows me to see what is really going on with each cell.
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Jul 4, 2017
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Ocoee, Florida
I did some flying an hour ago, shade temperature 94°
.........."I am extremely surprised by the mockery in the comments of some of the members, as well as the rhetoric's being shared that is out of topic"
Sorry off topic! we are all guilty.


Premium Pilot
May 1, 2016
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N. California
Definitely guilty, but I have little patience with people that won’t read a manual or follow instructions before trying to do something new to them.

There’s a big difference between posts where someone says “I’m thinking about buying X and would like to know...” and the one that starts “ I just got a new X and it crashed, or won’t work after updating the firmware”, or fill in the problem as appropriate.

One wants to learn, the other is trying to get themselves out of a bind.

In any case, good job on your guide. Perhaps Yuneec will put you on the payroll. Lord knows
they need someone that could fill the position.
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Jan 5, 2017
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Lethbridge, Alberta
it is 68 F (20 C) where I am today, northern Saskatchewan. Being said, that is extremely warm and sunny for this location at this time. I know I have at time been short with people and would like to offer my apologies to all offended. Since my concussion, my wife says I can be an @$$. I would also like to commend RPR for the efforts he has put forth on others, mine included, behalf. To help others selflessly is the act of a true gentleman (or woman in the case of our ladies out there). Thank you. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.... flying;)

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