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CGO3+ Damper keeps on falling out

Jul 11, 2018
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Hi guys I just got my drone back from warranty service at ken-a-vision/KAVService after my camera got totaled and every time I take my drone to go and shoot I that the same exact damper keeps on coming out from the top part of the mount. If anybody knows why, or any insight on this that would be greatly appreciated

P.S. I did notice that 2 of the dampers ( diagonal of each )other have plastic things going through the damper from one side to another to insure that they do not fall out (kind of like the same idea that attaches a tag to a new peice of clothing, if you know what I mean ;)
Two reasons for it to disengage.
1) You’re landing too hard. Try landing manually and slowing descent speed before touching down and discontinue use of the RTH landing feature if you are using it.
2) It wasn’t completely engaged with the mount when it was installed.

They don’t just fall out without some help.

The two safety pin installation is normal and correct.
But does it make any sense that this only started happening after I got it back from ken a vision?
See item #2. It likely wasn’t installed correctly and if you’re not removing the cover to re-install it, it’s still likely not being installed correctly. One other option is the rubber ring seat has been torn.

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