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  1. A

    Can I install only the gimbal firmware to Typhoon H480 ?

    I will find out that can I install only the gimbal firmware version to the Typhoon H480. For example downgrading the gimbal version from 1.25 to 1.22 and then installing the v1.25 back. There is N/A on Gimbal version section. And where I can download old Typhoon H's firmwares ?
  2. S

    CGO3+ gimbal pitch tilt limited to narrow range

    During the most recent flight of my Yuneec Typhoon H with CGO3+, I flew a tad too low over a roof and clipped the bottom of the camera on the top of the roof ridge. No crash, but the event force rotated the camera in the gimbal such that it was jammed 90 degrees on the roll axis, and broke the...
  3. A

    How to change firmware from US to EU ?

    I am trying to change Typhoon H's firmware from US to EU, but I am not succeed. I have understood that only difference between US and EU version is the CGO3+ camera firmware, right ? So, st16 firmware and Typhoon H's firmware, Autopilot and Gimbal versions are the same in both US and EU...
  4. K

    Failed firmware upgrade - failed to initialize camera

    Dear fellow Yuneec drone users, I tried to update the firmware of my Yuneec Typhoon H. It failed. Now I can not connect to the camera. I created a copy of the previous profile under model select. Did a new bind. It gets telemetry, but I get an error, that the camera cannot be initialized. When...
  5. Lucas Galli

    CGO3+ lens distortion correction

    Hello, folks! Since I first saw the crappy images that comes out of the CGO3+ I got really disappointed and almost regretted buying this thing. For a "distortionless" camera the output it is pretty awful. But I'll try to get the best out of it. Today I made some very basic tests to check how...
  6. JMolter

    CGO3+ Issue

    Hey everyone, it's been a while. I took my H out to fly today but the CGO3 gimbal would not stabilize when I turned the drone on. The camera would just dangle down facing the ground and wouldn't stay up when I tried to manually put it in the correct position. I restarted everything 3 times and...
  7. JulesTEO

    Finally got a PixAero 3.77 replacement lens

    Not a new topic by far, but still I wanted to share with you that I finally decided to upgrade to the PixAero 3.77mm lens. I was a bit reluctant because I had to purchase directly from the manufacturer in Russia (and Mexican postal service leaves a lot to be desired). However, everything went...
  8. Nobel Drones

    CGO3+ Damper keeps on falling out

    Hi guys I just got my drone back from warranty service at ken-a-vision/KAVService after my camera got totaled and every time I take my drone to go and shoot I that the same exact damper keeps on coming out from the top part of the mount. If anybody knows why, or any insight on this that would be...
  9. Eagle's Eye Video

    ** SOLD ** Typhoon H Pro Bundle

    FOR SALE Typhoon H Professional with RealSense... originally purchased October 2016. About 80-90 flight hours. Completely current with all firmware updates. Landing gear painted to increase visibility and aid in orientation. Lens upgraded to a PixAero 3.77 in February 2017. One serious crash in...
  10. Nobel Drones

    Wanted Working CGO3+

    im looking to buy any working CGO3+ THAT UNDER 150$ Please reply if you have anything available Thank You
  11. Nobel Drones


    does yuneec make any action cam/steady grip thats compatible with the cgo3+ because im looking to hook up a cgo3+ with something besides a drone
  12. Nobel Drones

    Replacement part for the CGO3+

    I Crashed my CGO3+ due to sensor failure and i wanted to know if they sell the replacement for the whole camera starting right under the dampers/stabilizer/gimbal (part B) the top part (Part A) was unharmed but the actual camera part is finished do they sell a reaplacement part for this? Here is...
  13. Eagle's Eye Video

    * SOLD * CGO3+ with issues

    For Sale 2 Year old CGO3+ camera with Peau 8.25 lens installed. Issue presented itself during lens install... camera has never been crashed or damaged. Current output is not usable... image is reasonably sharp, but there are perceptible digital artifacts, most noticable in the shadow...
  14. rdonson

    CG03+ Camera Settings

    Here are videos that take you through the camera settings to get the best results with the CGO3+ camera. My favorite method of setting a really accurate WB uses a gray card. I've been using this technique for several decades as a photographer...
  15. video-drone

    Pinouts for CGO3+ Camera/Gimbal?

    Does anyone have the pinouts for the CGO3+ Gimbal/Camera? Also has anyone graphed a third party gimbal onto the "H"? Thanks in advance!
  16. B

    Cannot control my camera

    I just unpackaged my typhoon and the first time I turned it on everything connected, I was able to bind the camera and drone just fine but the camera gimbal just beeps and kinda shakes, 7 beeps 4 tones the 3 quick beeps. I get video feed and can take pictures and video but zero control over the...
  17. B

    camera for Typhoon H

    Is the CGO3+ the only camera that will work on the Typhoon H ?. I am torn between Phantom 4 pro and Typhoon h but the camera is putting me of. I am trying to start a business but have to watch the price for now.
  18. C

    A call to all Typhoon H owners who live in Europe

    I live in Europe, own a Typhoon H and want to connect my bird with the CGO3 app. The CGO3+ cam has the latest standard Firmware (not EU). I use a Samsung galaxy S4 Dual Band. There is no Wifi signal from the cam on my smartphone so no connection. Which owners had the same problem and solved this...
  19. S

    Corrupt Video

    Hi everybody So I got a little problem: I flew this Saturday, it was really cold (-13°C; yes i flew with heated LiPos). Everything worked fine, took a bunch of photos and a video (4K25, about 4Mins long). The Photos are fine and look great. But: As soon as I landed, I shut down the H...
  20. Discodave1

    Losing my visual on st16 200 ft out

    The WiFi from my St16 controller to the CGO3+ gets weak at 300 ft from bird and disconnects. I can’t see anything. I have tried everything that I know to do.. does anyone have a fix?