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Day 6 of waiting for my 4K to arrive!!!

Dec 6, 2015
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What did you all do with yourselves?? I can only go to the locally Hobby Store and look at one so many times, I am starting to get dirty looks!!
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Oh, I know that feeling! But I only waited 3 days for mine. A week?! Ya, I'd be twitching too.:eek:

Take your time, learn the machine and about LiPo's.
Learning about LiPo batteries | Yuneec Drone Forum

I modified the Steady Grip battery situation and am having fun with that too. I'm getting over 2 hours on it.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. :) The aircraft really is amazing, easy and fun to fly!
I had the same joy!
Amazon make it a little faster. They flew my drone over in less than an hour after purchase.
Landed at my front door. The only problem... it took them six days to ship the controller.

Go on line, down load their manual.... Not as fun as having it here, but it's a start learning its features.
Two words... "Amazon Prime". It will be in your hands in 2 days. ;)
I ordered a Samsung 4K tv on a Sunday night recently with AP and it offered me 1 day shipping for an additional $11!
The TV was in my hands in less than 24 hours. :eek: Can't beat that!

Hopefully by now you are learning how to fly it. Be sure and post some photos & videos!
Enjoy and keep it prop side up bro!
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