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In some older versions of the MCU board the SD-Card slot is fully mounted. In newer board Yuneec left it empty. H firmware will not use this but it is fully operable.
With Thunderbird firmware you can store flightlogs and missions there. I luckily have got one of the old boards for my Thunderbird.

br HE
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Sorry, I don't have more information about that. I guess at PCB design time it was foreseen for later developmet but never used.
The port could be serial port. It has ground, power and two wires (data+clock or Rx+Tx - something like that). It could fit to the receiver SR24.

br HE
Next month i'll be at Yuneec Europe in Germany and i'll ask them about the flight controler ports.
If i have the answers i'll put it on this forum.
Best regards.

Peter Laterveer
PGL Drone Techniek Netherlands

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