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H520 Help

Nov 19, 2019
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Hi All,

New to the forum and after some advice.

Having been interested in purchasing a drone and looking to gain an understanding of the commercial side I have recently been looking at various options. I had originally been looking at the typhoon H/Plus however.......

I have found a H520 which is brand new (only open for inspection) along with an E90 camera (again brand new) for sale for £1400.

I do have a number of questions however,

Is the drone overkill for a first time owner? Are they really difficult to fly and get to grips with? Would an alternative be a better option?

With purchasing the drone and camera as mentioned above is there anything to be wary of? Obviously there will be no warranty, are repairs crazy money in the UK is there was anything wrong. The seller has happily said he will turn it on but obviously reluctant to fly it as it has previously never been flown.

I have read through various issues with the drone with updates etc on this forum - are these now resolved or are there still problems associated with the drone?

I guess the ultimate question is given the above is this feasible? Good drone for the price or would I be better off purchasing a H+ brand new with a warranty etc?

Would really appreciate any help with the questions.

Mar 18, 2017
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I would get a drone simulator program to get used to flying them. When they crash on the simulator the repairs are considerably cheaper. I would research the heck on numerous forums and FB groups for this drone. There are numerous things you want to educate yourself on before taking off. I'd love to have the 520. Presently I have 2 480's and 2 920's. I did what I suggested and it gave me confidence learning how to control the drone and helped so I didn't panick and fly into a building etcetera.
May 19, 2016
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The H520 and the H+ have similar airframes and will be similar to fly. Practice on a sim, if you havent any RC experience, or buy a cheap drone to build skills such as Blade Inductrix - RTF. Basic flying is very easy, just give yourself plenty of space and adequate altitude to avoid obstructions. Keep the craft fairly close until you get accustomed to operating the controls. You'll find it is very stable, even in windy conditions.
I can't answer re repair costs as I haven't had to do any. I find the H520 highly reliable. Nor have I had any issues with updates.
Your price seems good and I would be happy to buy another without a warranty. Not that I need 2.
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