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H920 SR24 variations


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Oct 27, 2018
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North Carolina Piedmont, USA
The drone receivers in the different H920 drone generations have a different appearance and a very large difference in cost. Both are labeled as SR24. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? I am considering a project to convert an existing H920 plus to the original H920 configuration. I don't have both versions of SR24 available to swap them myself. Wire length is not important for this project. I can swap those.
SR24 Comparison.jpg
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Does anyone know if they are interchangeable?
I'm pretty sure, yes. I mean, yes interchangeable. The HW is the same and FW may be the same. If not it is most probably backward compatible. The bind-, 12-channel and 24-channel messages are the same for all Yuneec drones. Only some new messages came up with newer drones to switch LED, Sonar and so on.
Both modules have the same imprint: 2015-01-07 SR24 V1.0.

The antennas have different length but this depends on the construction of the stub. Both may have the same performance.
I would prefer the one with shield. It fits to this nice cover too.

br HE
I have to add one idea: The newer FW may no more support Y-Bus2 (the additional UART connector). I don't know if this is needed for H920 (maybe for gimbal).
Thank you. This is more than enough hope to delay purchase of the more expensive SR24 until the other parts arrive. I would also prefer to maintain the appearance of the original SR24, but not at that expense.
For now I will plan to at least try to use the H920 Plus SR24 already installed. I will then update the thread to say if it worked, did not work, or if there were other considerations.
Again, thank you for the fast response. (And for the great pictures, which I immediately stole. :))
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Hello, I don't know if that's worth the shipping costs, otherwise I could give you the FCO and SR24 for free because I recently bought 3 complete mainboards for H920 for 10 euros each. Kind regards, hamsters
Thanks, that is a very generous offer. The cost of shipping would likely be far less than the value of the parts. But I already have the components on the way. I could not find them from previously working drones here. All that were available were new items. The seller's technician was not available for the next couple of weeks to ask whether or not they had firmware already on them. If there is no firmware, I will first try to load it as an update. I have heard the Q500 Gui can work on the original H920, but I have also heard that it does not. All is confusing at this early stage. Hence the need to ask.

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