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Help me understand video capture options

Oct 16, 2015
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Central Oregon
I thought I would ask this here rather than hunting on the web, but can anyone tell me what the various video quality and frame rates do?

- Is 1080, HD images?
- Anything above 4k is UHD?
- What is the 3+k range for?
- For HD and UHD, what is the "standard" frame rate I should use so my images don't look slo mo or high speed? I forgot to note the mode it was on when I got it (it was 1080, but I don't recall the frame rate).
- Why are there so many frame rates? To adjust how slow mo or high speed the video is captured?

Thanks for guidance on this.
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I have the same question. And what's the the best settings to get the videos like the ones from YouTube?
My question is about the FPS frame rate. I have experimented with a few different frame rates at the 1920x1080 res. The higher fps settings don't seem to result in slow motion video, and in fact when playing the footage back on my computer I can't tell any difference between the different fps settings. What is the optimum setting to produce videos that look smooth and will fit easily into video editing programs? Anybody with experience on this? I appreciate the help.
You will not notice slow motion automatically. Btu when you edit the vid and space out a section causing it to slow down you will have more frames to work with.
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