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    Yuneec drone Mantis G video

    I recently bought myself the new Samsung 21 ultra phone and the yuneec pilot app does not show video. It will launch and move. but no video. My old phone was a oneplus 7 pro which is my moms phone now. I borrowed it for a second and it works. I noticed Yuneec pilot app was removed from the play...
  2. G

    Typhoon H3 video

    22 Oct 2020. Discovering the wonder of Nature in the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve in Puglia. Pay special attention at minute 1:30
  3. S1lent

    Mantis G video (2k EIS)

    Hello fella's, I made my first drone video, filmed with my Mantis G. Since there aren't much video's uploaded made with this drone yet, I thought some people might be interrested to see some footage. I shot the video in 2k mode with EIS on. Personally I don't see a reason to film something in...
  4. K9 aerial solutions

    Using Video on Typhoon H without the motors running?

    I have a project I’m working on and need to know if the video on Typhoon H will record and take pictures without the motors running? Will the landing gear go up without the motors running? If video will work, how long do you estimate the video will run (time wise) without the motors running...
  5. B

    My first uploaded video

    Greetings, My first uploaded video. Software still has trial watermark. Slideshow made from several stills Software seems user friendly
  6. mbernholdt

    A fun little edit

    Made a fun little edit of the footage I captured while testing the new Build 784, for the ever amazing Typhoon H Plus from Yuneec. The build didn't reveal any new features or functions, and I wish that Yuneec would provide users with a description when they release a new firmware. The drone...
  7. dondec

    Micro SD (Video) Memory Cards - improperly rated

    I just discovered some of the U3 rated micro SD Memory cards out there are improperly (over)rated. This can cause video drop outs or other odd camera or video file issues. There are free programs you can download to check your chips. I posted a few links under the YouTube video description...
  8. W

    Jerky video using a micro SD Card

    Being new to a Yuneec H hexcopter I learn new things every day. Yesterday I inserted a newly formatted PNY Elite-X micro SD card with 128GB of storage in the camera and playing the video back found that the video was jerky with several multi second pauses between times when the video would pick...
  9. Texas_Willie

    Video files won't load

    Hi, I have been having this problem since I first got my quad (Q550 4k). The videos that I take won't play in Windows 10. I can upload the video mp4 files to YouTube no problem, but those same files throw an error code when attempting to play them on a computer or laptop. I thought it might...
  10. Drones.scot

    CGOET recording thermal video?

    After taking the H520 out to test the thermal camera I noticed that there was two videos saved on the ST16 and not on the camera SD card, one named "date/time" and the other "date/time/thermal. Here's a one drive link to both Public Have any of you seen anything from Yuneec on this?
  11. A

    ST16 Video Receiver Replacement

    Does anyone have any experience replacing the Video rx on the St16? I was having issues as explained in this thread I posted a while back St16 Receiver Issues I tried resetting and rebinding to no avail. I figured I could try to replace the video rx to resolve my issues. So if anyone has any...
  12. DoomMeister

    Test for sharing content on google drive

    trying to share content from google drive. Seems the url links are not working in the forum. Will work on the problem sometime tomorrow. Just found answer under B.B. Codes in the Help section. Google drive is not approved. Trying to share a link to another post. Breeze Drone flying slow...
  13. D

    Typhoon H Video/Control Range

    Typhoon H video link and control range with the ST16 is specified as "up to 1 mile." Is that realistic? My Typhoon 4K video link usually dies around 1,200 feet. I'm thinking about getting an H for a little better range,the Curved Cable Cam capability, and the obstacle avoidance in Follow Me mode.
  14. J

    Real World Range of H520 and E90

    Does anyone have any practical knowledge of horizontal range for the ST16S (standard) and H520 with E90? I was filming at a golf course yesterday and had 2 video losses and choppy, lagging video when it got beyond about 300m. The documentation says up to 1.6km in ideal conditions. It go so...
  15. A

    Trouble getting video to stream to app.

    I downloaded a few flights through the drone to computer, worked fine. I cannot get the video or pics to go to phone gallery app. I didn't like downloaded from drone, the board moves due to the way it's mounted. I can see problems in near future. I also hear you can edit clips in the app. I...
  16. skwty

    First Time Above The CLOUDS!

    Before you freak out, just know that I was within my limits as a pilot :) The fog was quite thick and low on this day and it might have been the very FIRST time that timing was on my side when it comes to flying the Typhoon H. Enjoy. Have you flown in this situation before? I wish I...
  17. gwhuntoon

    Haven't seen a new Yuneec UK video in a while

    I really liked the videos Daniel did for Yuneec UK. Hope he survived the last round of cuts.
  18. T

    1st Typhoon H Video

    Just made my first Typhoon H video a few weeks ago from a sunset flight at Priest Lake, ID. Love this drone! So easy and simple to fly.
  19. D

    Choppy Video

    Hey Folks, I just purchased a brand new H Pro today and took it for its first flight; recording video during the flight. I checked the video and it's choppy and pixelated. Any way to resolve this, other than returning the camera to Yuneec? The camera came with a U3 rated Panasonic 16GB MicroSD.
  20. A

    Stunning Footage from Yuneec H

    I was super impressed by the Typhoon H camera, its ease of use and quality are outstanding. I hope you enjoy a the clips I shot with the Typhoon H and maybe inspire you to capture your own ;) Link to footage reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ3M42qe-0I