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How to fix Yuneec Tyhoon G airframe after crash

Apr 1, 2016
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Hello all,
I have crashed about 5 times.
Mostly from flying in a space which is too narrow around trees or cars.

I have moved the internals of the Typhoon G into a new airframe TWICE.

New frame is about $60 and it takes me nearly 6 hours to replace all the parts.

I have about 28 videos on Youtube.com.

Here is a link to the first one and they will autoplay.

I have found that if I crack off a motor now or crack the airframe, I am trying to avoid
buying a new air frame and simply use epoxy to fit the frame together again.

Don't care how it looks. Just want it to fly again.

I use a 4K Hero 4 and I have posted a few videos up there too.

On youtube.com just put in moviestudioland

Happy flying.

I am not a repair shop or an expert.

Use JB Weld Epoxy. Works great.
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I have found a product call Qbond , it is better than epoxy to fix any crack plastic . if you cannot find it them a mix of superglue and baby powered or bi-caro of soda work sand area lighty , clean dab on super glue , pour on the power in small amounts and repeat process till you happy, then sand down to smooth out . this is how i fixed my walkera that crashed and is still flighting to day .Amazon.com: Q-Bond QB2 Repair Kit: Automotive
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