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New Product? Venom Pro 4-Port [Cradle] Charger for Typhoon H


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Feb 24, 2017
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Northern Wisconsin, USA
I asked Venom about balancing. Look at the title: it's a BALANCE charger. Ordered. Will report a while after it arrives.

Hi FePhoenix!

Yes, I noticed the title includes "Balance". That's why I edited my mention of balancing to state specifically "...in the manual." I had expected to see specific mention in its manual and was surprised to see not a word.

My order is due to arrive tomorrow (March 2) and will update if anything warrants.


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Nov 12, 2016
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I think a couple of you trampled on the Forum Rules line, but you worked it out. Kudos to both for policing yourselves.

This charger looks good for anyone having nothing but TH type (plug-in) batteries. Won't work for me since I have a mix of batteries.

**** RayRay, you were born to be a moderator! Ever consider the field of divorce arbitration? ;)
As a recent recipient of your forum rules reminder, you are so perfectly diplomatic when reminding us all to behave. My wife is the same way and I'm envious. I can't tell her that of course, or I'll hear about it every time she feels she's the cooler head in the moment, but you can't withhold from me what she can so I thought I'd give you a thumbs up on it.

Mcbutler, I am so sorry to hear about your wife and daughter. That would devastate me to the core, and make me a bit on edge as well, but you recovered respectably here.
As far as that charger...Love the original price they show before the 50%, but needing to be closer to 70-80%, especially with it being limited to only the TH proprietary batteries, since I have 4 or 5 other toy quads to charge, as well. I just bought the EV-Peak 4x100 watt that can do just about anything for about $180. Haven't used it yet, but the flexibility won me over. Venom is a great brand and I just bought a few of their products, but I couldn't justify that price for the limitations. Just my $ .02

Murray Martz

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Jan 29, 2017
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Alberta, Canada
Of course you do mate, like I said Mr Perfect or no life?
Mine charge alone in a small brick outbuilding with no flammable source, been using em since they first came out and were truly dodgy.
Only ever had one snaggy one years back when I tried to get an extra charge from a cheap chinky LiPo that had swollen.

And no need for insults and foul language, if you cant take em don't give them.

Why are you being such a douche when someone does not do what you feel they should? It's a forum for information. If you are so bitter, why not find a forum that suits your needs?


(Updated 02Mar17) New Product? Venom Pro 4-Port [Cradle] Charger for Typhoon H

Glad I came across your post. Thanks for the lead on the Venom charger-balancer-discharger for the Typhoon H batteries. As I checked internet sources this evening, seems everyone is out-of-stock on these and they are on backorder.

I bought a Typhoon H a week ago (still have not yet taken it out of the box yet) and I was looking for something less "spaghetti bowl like" for charging the new batteries for my H as opposed to the "spaghetti bowl" mess I have in the outside-fireproof missile silo (300 feet from my house) where I charge and monitor the batteries for my four Yuneec Q500 4Ks. (I live on a ranch BTW and keep my stuff in my outbuildings, most of which are fire resistant.)

I read through the other comments here and saw some disparaging remarks... of which I want to address. I had a LiPO ignite on me back in 2015 (luckily I was on the concrete pad just outside of my climate controlled missile silo, and HOLY MACKEREL I thought I was back in Vietnam (shows my real age)... As that battery ignited, I (being a Texan) I thought of "armadillo-gedden". I was able to kick it off of the concrete where I was, onto a 60 by 60 foot gravel pad sitting outside of my building. What a noxious smell! I got upwind from the fumes (still got a wife) and it made me think of the late 1970s Disco Inferno by Ray Ash song, "Burn bay, BURN."

I always charge my Lipos in flame resistant LiPO bags and as I charge them, I also monitor temps as well as humidity levels. Most often, I'll leave the missile silo while the batteries are being charged or balanced or discharged for storage BUT, I keep this device on my person so I can keep track of temps where the batteries are.

Once I have the batteries off the charger, I place them in a military surplus aluminum case made by Haliburton that I had powder coated white (the Army Olive Drab paint, heated the case up, thus the white powder coat for when I have the case in the bed of my pickup...) and as an added measure of safety, I also lined this military case in a very thick ceramic material, typically used in commercial applications for wood fired ovens and stoves. Then, I place a small device that transmits the temps inside the case and I have some other stuff inside the case that gives me an idea what the humidity level is. I try to keep the LiPOS from being exposed (very long) to humidity as well as excessive heat.

I think most drone folks place their LiPOs in the bags I mentioned and then they use surplus ammo cans. My surplus containers are much larger, allowing me to put the ceramic material on the inside walls. If for some reason a battery goes off, I can still use my bare hands and grasp one of the handles on the case and move it (hopefully) to a spot where nothing else will catch on fire.

I'll try and attach a few photos of the case. I might have some pictures of my remote temperature sending unit too. I think I still have a video of the "armadillo-ghedden" incident somewhere... If I can find it, I'll add it to YouTube later.


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