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white flare upper right corner

Mar 19, 2016
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Suddenly i see a white flare at the right corner in my vids and pictures ,i never have this problem in the past

i did try other settings like manual etc .could there be a problem with the cgo 4k ?vlcsnap-error728.png
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I have found it only shows on certain settings and not on other settings. What setting were you using? On mine, It was the highest 4K setting.

One of the best things I did was purchase a set of the Polar Pro ND filters. The spot is not showing when using the ND filters.

I do think the spot is common among cameras. More of an issue is the camera being out of focus to the left and right sides. I rather have a camera with the spot than a camera that is out of focus.
Hi KramerMD thank you for your reply , i have it in all different settings and i never have this problem before , yes i did ordered ND filters but not fom polarpro the come from freewell .
enyway i did send some footage to yuneec Germany and they say its not normal so i need to send it in , i also like to mention that this is my second camera the first one had that soft edges. i keep you informed what they say about it.

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