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  1. C

    E90 camera settings in Agisoft

    Hi there! I have a rather annoying problem. I've been flying with the H520 and E90 camera for a little while now and mostly done Orthophotos, now I'm trying to do some volume calculations in a quarry. But my problem is that all my volumes are mostly incorrect. I think it can be an issue with...
  2. mgrzadka

    E90 does not keep horizont level

    Hi all, does any of you have such problem - mine e90 camera even after gimbal calibration is distorted. I am thinking about sending my H520 E90 to service but this will be my last move. I hope it can be solved by myself. Above I attach samples pictures: When I do a full calibration (acc...
  3. WheelsUp

    Ancient sinkhole in a Southwest Georgia forest

    H520 w/ E90 camera Challenging shoot: - 25MPH winds - lots of obstacles to avoid - the only clear place to take off and land was 50 yards away - lost GPS down in the sinkhole so I was flying on the sticks
  4. W

    e90 doesn't connect to 520. All other camers do. Any suggestions?

    Have cleaned contacts, reset camera several times, no luck. Camera light turns green. Picture shows on ST16S. Any suggestions would be helpful...Later...Dwane
  5. S

    Renting an E90

    Hello everyone! I have an issue with an E90 that has had a tilted horizon issue, and just yesterday I saw what looked like gear grease coming from a joint, so I have to wait weeks for the company to get it back to me. There is an event upcoming in my calendar, and while I have another UAV to...
  6. byronaneal

    Gimbal Goes Crazy

    I have been having this intermittent problem for a while. The drone and camera start up normal. After a couple of minutes the gimbal goes nuts and yaws and pitches the camera around stupid fast. I have tried to get a video of the action but when I have a camera ready, it never happens. It is...
  7. H

    e90 gimbal issue

    Can anyone shed light on this issue....when I turn on power switch on 520, unit boots up then gimbal goes into its leveling sequence and jiggles and dies before completion and starts emitting three beeps and flashing green light on camera. although camera just lies there limp and lifeless all of...
  8. J

    Yuneec H520 Drone+E90 Camera With 4 Batteries $2,800

    Yuneec H520 with E90 4k 60fps camera. Drone has been test flown and taken on jobs for backup, but was never flown for work. Less than 12 flights, like new. Offered for $2,800, which includes 2 extra flight batteries. Message me if you are interested.
  9. Wingman

    How to get 4K video from e-90

    Hi guys, I cannot find anything discussed about it in great details and I cannot figure it out myself. In DataPilot I can see videos taken and stored on the camera SD(I hope). I have tried to get the camera SD out and plug it into my laptop card reader. My laptop said it is not formatted and...
  10. RichA

    Do you have a damaged E90?

    If any of you H520 flyers out there have damaged your E90 camera, I might be interested in it. So, if it has mechanical or optical damage and you don't have any use for it, I might be able to provide it a good home and a new lease on life! Here's some background - I'm keen on buying an H520...
  11. Rubik

    H520 Videos

    Notice only a slight horizon curvature when the horizon is near the top of the screen. Not too annoying but not straight like the US Typhoon H.
  12. D

    Polariser Filter

    I've fitted a polariser to my E90. Results are great and I'd recommend it to anyone. However, it does seem to unbalance the gimbal a bit. It's not causing any notable problem... but I'm worried it might be stressing the motors. Can anyone advise?
  13. arruntus

    Four problems I found in the E90

    Hi I tell you about the 4 problems I have encountered so far using the E90. As I have already mentioned in another thread, a micro SD card that meets all requirements but does not work. I mention it in the thread Micro SD problem. What Micro SD buy? The MicroSD card stays stuck in the slot...
  14. J


    Where can I find the on-screen histogram for the E90? On this page (E90 Gimbal Camera - Overview - Yuneec) near the bottom it states that a histogram is available. But I can't seem to find it when using the ST16S. Am I missing it?
  15. J

    Gimbal Tilt (Velocity) strange behaviour

    I've been doing some testing of the vertical tilt using the ST16S whilst the H520 / E90 is static on the ground in preparation for my first proper job doing a little filming. I'm torn between Angle and Velocity mode - both have issues. That aside, when in Velocity mode, the 'neutral' point is...
  16. Drones.scot

    E50 vs E90 distance

    Hi All Does anyone know off hand how much closer the E50 gets you to a structure thanthe E90. I have the E90 and thinking about getting the E50 for survey work. Thanks Peter
  17. Biztruth

    H920 camera adapter

    QUESTION: Has anyone tried the new E90 camera with the Tornado H920 Plus bird using the Yuneec YUNH920P104 camera adapter...?
  18. Steve Carr

    New Camera Compatibility

    Regarding the new cameras being developed for the H520........ From Yuneec: Effective immediately upon release the E50 "WILL BE" backwards compatible with H480. However the E90 may or may not be upon release but solution is under development.