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  1. D

    PLEASE HELP .. In Australia

    My near new , and 2nd Yuneec Q500 4K just fell out of the sky ( first one was my fault ) But this time it just flashed like crazy for a second or 2 and then went dark and fell only to light up not far from ground and smashed ... in Australia , who do I call in OZ , can anyone here help me ...
  2. C

    How do I replace landing gear motor?

    I recently crashed my Typhoon H into a tree, which caused some propellers to break, and a hard landing followed, resulting in a broken landing gear motor. I have purchased the replacement part, but after awhile of unsuccessfully trying to unscrew it, I have zero idea what I'm doing, and don't...
  3. J


    I was putting my Typhoon H in its box after fly when I saw this (See the loose cable in the picture). Should I worry about it? I made some tests and everyting was good, camera, landing gear, gimball and flying ok, but I still afraid about that. Please help me!!
  4. D

    Typhoon H control issue

    Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone. My H has a real control issue on the right hand stick. Regardless of the position of the rabbit/ turtle slider, the model moves in a jumpy increment of about 3 ft. and will continue that until the stick neutralizes. It is like a very flat expo curve at neutral...
  5. T

    Cruise Control Question...

    Hey folks...Happy Holidays To Everyone! I recently upgraded the firmware to the latest (had not done it since September), so I'm just wrapping my head around the new features. My question is on the Cruise Control using the D-Pad. Is it just me, or does the H only change direction when you...
  6. S

    Unsure when to charge // voltage fluctuating

    Hey gang, I'm out flying again for the first time in a while. Stock battery, full charge. I fell like it drained awfully quick... I was down to 14.7 in a matter of like 2 minutes. Probably 50-80ft up there, no crazy wind. I did tinker around like 10 minutes on the pad with some camera settings...
  7. John K. Fitzgerald

    Thanks to all forum members!!!!!

    Just a quick note to say thanks to all the members of this forum! For me this forum has been an excellent source of information and ideas. And since Yuneec's owners manuals are "vague" at best, this forum has been excellent tool for us to learn the finer points of our machines. Thanks again to...
  8. N

    Need help to buy drone, please help

    hey there, I'm new when it comes to quadcopters. Not when it comes to flying, but buying. What I want to know is this: for a price at about max 300$ (Can be a little higher or does not hurt if lower if it fits my needs) what is the best quadcopter I can get? -I want it to have a long runtime...
  9. K

    All lights on, centre light flashing, annoying tune playing - see vid. Please help!

    Hi all, Really needing your help with my Q500 repairs! I had a crash and needed to replace an ESC. A new one has been installed but now the drone isn't connecting to the GUI. It now places a somewhat elaborate tune (which is slowly driving me mad), all rear/front lights are on permanently and...
  10. S

    Q500 4K Attempted to fly away, then almost crashed. Telemetry included

    Hey guys, I recently did a compass calibration and it apparently succeeded. I've been noticing I lose left stick control when attempting to turn through 360 degrees while stationary, hence why I recalibrated. I then tested the craft and noticed it attempted to fly away. I flipped the switch to...
  11. C

    Q500 motor and esc question NEED HELP

    Hi Everyone So i crashed my q500 bought a replacement chassis did the swap it was all good until i realized that the esc and the led's are specif it to each motor .. so if you haven't guessed already i have mismatched the motors and esc's i have everything soldered back up.. and tested...
  12. SherwoodSkycams @moobit

    Gimbal points sideways when forward camera lock switched on?

    Hi all. :) I'm having a problem with my camera Gimbal after a fly-away the other day caused my H to crash into a fence (I see some of you have had similar issues with fly-aways since the last software update too! :( Anywhoo - When I flick the top left switch from G to F to lock it forward...
  13. S

    Propeller stuck on Typhoon H after crash

    So yeah, probably like every one I didn't think that I'll be the one to crash my drone, but it happened. Thankfully it wasn't as seriuous as it looked, 3 broken propellers and mountset for CGO3+. I flew it already after crash and everything seems to work... I have just one problem. My propeller...

    How to get GREAT looking VIDEO out of the CGO3+

    I finally had some time to edit together a long overdue video showing how to get great looking video out of the CGO3+ camera. With a little knowledge, the CGO3+ can take videos as good as the P4 camera. I couldn't cover everything or else it would have been an hour long video. I hope some of...
  15. T

    Crashed first time out!

    Hello everyone! i'm new to the forum and new to drone flying. I'm posting here in the hope that my story is not a unique one. The short version of my story is that my new Typhoon H crash landed itself my very first time using it. I don't know what happened, and that's where I'm hoping...
  16. O

    Flight four.........CRASH

    OK, it was my mistake. Pretty much. Launched fine. Went to hit the gear up switch and grazed the far right toggle with my wrist, putting it in SAFE mode. She bolts straight away from me, as programmed, and right into a wall. All in slow motion. I knew I had lost control, knew my wrist had...
  17. I

    Landing gear malfunction... Help?

    Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying your new H! Just got mine on friday, flown it four times since. On the first three flights, the retractable landing gear worked perfectly fine, but on the fourth flight, for no conceivable reason, the port-side gear stays down even thought the starboard-side...
  18. T

    Typhoon g parts....

    crash....gb-203 has a circuit board etc. I need to replace. I need to know the best source(s) for stock replacement parts? Thank a lot!
  19. Chris McMillan

    Help! With a big H

    OK, I'll post it... "The only help I need is getting hold of one!"
  20. Barry Byers

    8000 ft Limit

    i live outside Denver ,Co and love the Colorado Rocky Mountains. There are many towns above the 8000 ft limit the Yuneec Q500+ has restricted. The Blade Chroma has no altitude limit and is much smaller. Do you know a way to remove the altitude limit? Please help me remove this restriction...