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Typhoon H control issue

Dec 24, 2016
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Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone. My H has a real control issue on the right hand stick. Regardless of the position of the rabbit/ turtle slider, the model moves in a jumpy increment of about 3 ft. and will continue that until the stick neutralizes. It is like a very flat expo curve at neutral followed by a large control movement jumps 3 ft stops then proceeds to to do it repetitively until I release the stick. The control movement viewer reflects a very smooth movement but the model acts as described above. Any suggestions? Please no trip to California! Thanks, Dave George Detroit Area.
Double tap the battery indicator on the st16. The hardware monitor should pop up. Move the sticks around and see how it responds. If as quick as you move your fine. Calibrate turn off everything and try again. If delayed movement from the sticks 1-800 cali forn i a

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Hello and Thank you for your help.Stick movement looks normal. I completed a stick calibration all pass, compass cal, accell cal and tested again all with the same results. 3 ft at a time. No change . Any other thoughts? Dave
Thanks and you too. Don't stress it. If you have to send it in it won't be long

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Use smaller, smoother stick movements. Aircraft response is proportional to stick movement and the speed the sticks are displaced.

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