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Anyone used DronesForLess?

Oct 13, 2016
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I placed an order with DronesForLess on Saturday, but changed my mind soon after as I realised I can't really afford it. I tried contacting them yesterday to cancel the order but was told they are closed until Wednesday this week for a holiday and to get back to them then. I just checked my order status and it has been shipped. The problem is, they have a UK phone number but the order was shipped from Rockaway in NY.

If any of you have used DronesForLess in the past, can you tell me what they're like to deal with post-Sales, particularly when dealing with cancellations and refunds?
go to this site DronesForLess.co.uk are they legit?
read all the reviews . let us know how you make out . where are you ?

Thanks for the link. I'm in Belfast N. Ireland. I didn't know until yesterday that they are based in the US. They have a .co.uk website and a London telephone number.

I've just received a text message from DHL to say my delivery will be with me by close of business tomorrow. They're fast if nothing else.
Avoid. This company is USA based and a risk to buy from. Their small discounts are not worth the effort and stress.
I have full documentation to support this review.

On 15th Aug I ordered a £315 Nikon dslr camera from dronesforless.co.uk. The website had a soho, London address and a London phone number. I paid through PayPal and received confirmation from PayPal and dronesforless.co.uk plus an email from someone called peter asking me to call regarding the order.
I called and was talking to either Americans or canadians. Peter wanted to sell me batteries. I asked to cancel the order - I didn't want to buy from overseas as the £25 saving was not worth the wait, possible import problems (I've had issues with anything containing batteries at customs before), complicated returns, warranties, non uk plugs etc... I had called peter within a few hours of placing the order and was put through to Jessica. She confirmed my cancellation and said I would receive an email. I didn't so 3 calls to her later in the day (UK evening because this company doesn't start till 2pm GMT so I assume they are on the east coast - no one was prepared to tell me the real address) I was put through to Angela who again confirmed my order was cancelled and sent me 2 cancellation confirmations from her personal hotmail account before finally sending me one from dronesforless. She confirmed that I would be refunded within 24 hours - the billing manager was out of the office.

On the 16th support for drones for less confirmed my cancellation by email and said I would receive a full refund within "a few business days".

On the 17th I received an email saying the camera had been despatched and was given a tracking number. The number didn't exist. I called and spoke to Jessica again who said it was a system error and my cancellation was confirmed but she couldn't be sure because a packing label had been printed. Perhaps when the camera arrived I could return it and ask for a refund? Now very concerned that I would ever see my money back or a camera for that matter, on the 18th I opened a dispute with PayPal and dronesforless responded that when they got the camera back they would refund me. The tracking number was now showing but as not despatched.

I emailed the courier, globegistics who replied on 23rd that they were not in receipt of any package for the tracking number given to me. I emailed dronesforless who said when they get the camera back - which clearly had never been despatched in the first place - they will refund me. I escalated the case with PayPal. At this point dronesforless emailed me saying they would refund me if I closed the dispute... hmmmm yes I'm that stupid. I replied saying if I closed the dispute I would no longer be protected by PayPal. Dronesforless replied and said don't talk to us anymore talk to paypal ha ha strop or what?

Finally on 12th Sept, nearly a month later, PayPal agreed with me and forced a refund.

Dronesforless uk website is a front they are not based in the UK and do not distribute form the UK. They are disorganised & incompetent and it's a major problem to get a refund. It's all well and good them claiming that paying by PayPal or credit card protects you but only if you want a lot of agro and are prepared to wait a month until they are forced to act.

Finally (after Curry's took my order and money and 6 days later emailed to say they were out of stock) I bought it from Argos online, manufacturer sealed with a discount voucher which meant the price difference was only £20 more for the upgraded bluetooth model and collected it the same day. Lesson well and truly learnt. I only wanted to buy a camera and was involved a month long charade. Why?

I waited until I had my refund to post this review because had read others saying dronesforless were refusing to refund until a bad one was removed. This may explain their astonishingly high rating :(
Sorry to hear if your problems with this outfit, I nearly ordered mine from them. I used Drones Direct and had a great deal from them. I placed my order at 19:00 and received my H Pro by 10:15 next morning, great service.
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