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Does condensation from being in Air Cond. cause issues with drone itself?

Jul 23, 2016
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I remove my Typhoon H from our Air Conditioned house (70 degrees inside) and took it to the park in 98 degree weather and high humidity (steamed my glasses when I went out). I let the drone and the controller sit on the back of the truck until I could not see any more condensation on it. When I flew it, it would not control, it would go from side to side and up and down. Scared the crap out of me. I finally brought it down to land it and it came in sideways with some speed to I pulled up until it stopped this little dance. I got the guts to try it again, about 5 minutes later, figuring, well if it is going to crash it is going to crash, and it flew fine. I would not take it up over 10' though, due to the possibility of a crash, and drove it like a 95 yr old around in circles.
Is it possible that there was condensation inside the unit that was messing with it? Anything else it could be. Had the controls on angles, obstacle avoidance was off.
i don't think that's your problem but humidity ( going from real cold to heat ) will turn to moisture and can cause problem in electronics may even cause a short circuit . if you have condensation on the out side it will be on the inside also . i leave my Q in my living room that is about 70 to 75 degrees when i go to fly mostly in the early hours of the day about 9am but lately it's been hot when i get to the field at least 80 to 85 degrees and so far no problem's and no condensation that i can see . do you remember how many sats you had , try leaving your H in a closet or away from the AC .
fly safe
Maybe just keep it in your garage and then take it flying.
Sure, 70 degrees to 90 and humidity will condense water.

Think of your car A/C dripping water in the parking lot.

Think of a glass of cold soda with ice in it and the water beads on the side of the glass.

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