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Drone Crashed into Water!!!

Jul 22, 2016
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San Diego, CA
My daughter was flying the drone as she has done several times. It just fell right out of the sky for no apparent reason directly into a pool of water beneath a waterfall. It cost $100 for a diver to go recover it, is it worth recovering at this point? Would Yuneec warranty this situation? We don't have any proof of purchase.
Good luck with the warranty even with proof of purchase! You'll need to email in the telemetry (a CSV file found on the ST16 remote), wait a few days for an RMA, and they'll probably say it's your fault.

Was it a fresh water crash or salt water?
fresh water. Yeah I don't think we will pay to retrieve it as I read the warranty is only 6 months? We purchased off of CL back in December so its definitely expired. Crap, I feel bad for her. She loved that thing and we don't have funds to purchase a new one at the time.
Sorry to hear about your loss.
I always suggest purchasing a "Noodle" and cutting it up for floaties on the landing gear so at least it won't sink if it goes in the water.
Way cool as my son would say. Getting it dried off fast is the important thing. Fresh water is not as bad as salt water so there is hope :)

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