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Exmaps with typhoon h

May 20, 2016
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You can upload the telemetry files from the st16 and exmaps work with one caveat. you have to change the fix_type column from 0 to 3 using excel.
Here is how it looks if you do


Telemetry files are under flightlog/telemetry directory
you can get the telemetry files two ways
1. Insert a sd card and copy the telemetry files to the sd card using file manager and read the file on your computer
2. connect the st16 to your computer via usb and the directories show up.

When yuneec/exmaps fix the fix_type problem, we can just upload the telemetry using the browser in st16.
Did it with no issues but how do I view the files in the app. I dragged them and dropped them get a green check mark but don't see stats?

I got failure reason not found " telemetry data
Are there any type of flight logs or diagnostics that are recorded during operation that we can review after a flight? Would be interesting to see if it detects any problems or code errors during flight.
They are under flightlog in the st16. Any error codes will show there. So far I have only seen battery low warnings.
For those who do this, exmaps now works fine without any hacking.
So just get the telemetry files from flightlog/telemetry and put them straight into Exmaps. Works for me.
Seems Exmaps calculates the distance wrong. Exmaps says 2.5 km but when I measure it in Google Earth Pro I get 3.2 km. So make sure to double check on Google Earth Pro (it's easy using the ruler tool).

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