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General questions

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Help' started by Zeenon, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Zeenon

    Jul 20, 2016
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    Somerville, NJ
    New TH owner with a few questions......

    1) What is the recommended way to transfer the videos from the TH to your computer? I've been popping the microSD card out and bringing it over to the computer but wondering if the constant in/out is bad for the slot. I know there is a USB port next to the microSD card, put then I need to remove the gimbal cover, insert a battery, and turn on the drone.

    2) Took a few videos today and it seemed like the max size is 5 minute segments. Is that because of the format of the card? (exfat)

    3) I MOVE the pictures and videos over from the microSD card to my PC. When I bring my TH back up into the air for pics/videos the naming convention 'YUN000xx' starts over at the beginning (ex YUN00001.jpg). I'm 99% positive my regular camera remembers the last pic name (ex IMG04500.jpg) so pictures and videos would always have a distinct filename.

  2. Steve Carr

    Steve Carr Moderator
    Staff Member

    Dec 15, 2015
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    Bessemer, MI
    1) You are using the best method available to transfer the contents of the sd card.
    2) The camera breaks videos into 5 min segments by default. Actually many cameras do that. If one video file gets corrupted you don't lose the whole flight. When you put them together in your editor they become seamless.
    3) I always copy the contents of the card to the pc before I delete them from the card. If something goes wrong with the transfer then I haven't lost the video. When I delete them from the card I leave the last file there so the numbering continues in order. This has never been a problem with a 32GB card. It can hold a huge amount of 4K video.
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  3. Goh


    Apr 20, 2016
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    Good suggestion delete them from the card and leave the last file there so the numbering continues in order, thanks steve
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  4. David Armstrong

    Jun 8, 2016
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    I was a little disappointed about the 5 min video segment as well.
    When you splice the files, there is a definite "jump" in the video. You just have to make sure that you either stop and start the recording before each 5 min interval, or just let it run and make sure that you capture an entire pan or swoop for the footage before the recording hits a 5 min interval.
  5. PatR

    May 1, 2016
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    Home at last
    To maintain a numerical photo/video sequence just keep the last video or photo you shot on the SD card. Remove all the rest. If you remove everything from the card the sequence will always start at 00001. That's a PITA in forcing you to re-name clips and pics after every shoot, especially if you don't make multiple folders for card contents. Took me about 100 shots to figure that out.

    When splicing video segments it's often beneficial to use a "fade" of some type between sections. You may find that removing the beginning of a video where the copter was motionless improves the "flow" of the video. Bear in mind people have about a 3 minute attention span so you will lose a lot of interest when making a long video clip. Movies with plots and action are one thing, scenery stuff can put people to sleep if too long.