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Is IPS an inside joke?

One thing I find is that my altitude estimate on the ST16 is wildly inaccurate over time (+/- 10 ft while stationary on the ground) but it looks OK in the GUI. Compass and accelerometer calibrations complete without issue.
It would be good to evaluate the overall health of your FC board, since things seem to suggest a problem in that area.
I've connected both of my units to the gui and i think the one with the RS may have a bad gyro sensor? I see non-0 values for gyro deg/sec while idle.
Bingo. We were typing at the same time. This document/post by @h-elsner has a lot of things to look at:
Some encouraging progress. ...... A known bad FC board will be reinstalled to see if the problem returns.
Swapped back and forth between the "Good" FC board and three of the "Marginal" and "Defective" FC boards. RealSense and IPS always worked correctly with the "good" board installed. It never worked with any of the "marginal" or "defective" boards. (exact failure modes varied)
This convinces me the FC board is the issue on the Unit I am testing, and it suggests yours may be the same. Especially since your GUI is showing at least the main symptom of a marginal FC board.
Can you swap the FC boards between your THs? (It may be easier to swap the RealSense module over, depending on whether or not the RS module cable coupler was assembled trapped between the lower shell and the frame.)
Ignore the gimbal FW version. It is not related to the RS functionality but overall IMU healthiness in the FC is tied to the RS IMU and optical observations.
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These are the versions from the TH that just started working:
View attachment 30067

These are the latest US versions (From @Yuneec Skins Website)
View attachment 30068
2.0 should have some improvements in the landing procedure and also probably block the landing with gear up. I bought my RS exactly to have this feature but it was not implemented in the very first version.

For sure both block landing sequences in nonrabbit slider's position.
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Just an idea comes to mind. I can arrange this in the channel settings. If the gear is retracted the throttle will be slightly limited on the bottom.
You wanna fly a 6 blade minature weedeater .....in your house!?! I dont fly my 480 within a 1/ 4 mile of anything but trees and livestock..... theres just no time to react if it desides to plow thru your ceiling or a wall. a 16x16 garage is iffy to imo 🤣
@SmittyInTheSky, can you try the following to make IPS mode work:

1) turn on the drone first (MUST!), and wait until the drone if fully warmed-up
2) THEN turn on the control station
3) BEFORE the station can get the required enough (8?) GPS satellite signal, do the handle trick (

4) arm the motors, and start fly.

The main point is: try to switch to IPS mode before the GPS is ready (and "No Fly Zone" check is done if it matters), or find a place where GPS signal is weak.

I was able to make IPS mode work and fly this way.
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