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Motor Arm snapped

Jul 4, 2016
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Nice and calm this morning so decided to have a quick flight before work. Attached props as usual, completed usual pre-flight checks. Q500+ positioned in open space with no obstacles. Started motors and all running OK. Increased revs on motors and drone lifted to around 3 feet when it went 'BANG' one of the arms holding a 'A' motor snapped causing it to come crashing to the ground. Spoke to Yuneec UK and they have never heard of this before - any suggestions would be useful. Thanks.
There's got to be more to the story.
The arm didn't just fall off. It was obviously broken before the flight and to come off it had to be a very serious break.Either due to a previous crash or serious fall of some kind, the arms don't just break off.
In fact, I'm flying one of my Q500's with a broken arm myself and not worried for a second about it coming off in flight.
I have purchased a new airframe but haven't made the change over yet.
Sorry for your crash and loss of your bird and hope you can find the reason for the failure.
Thanks for your reply, it literally snapped 3 feet from the ground, I have put a picture of it on the forum but couldn't upload it here. I did crash it some weeks ago and it fell around 20 feet onto the concrete but only damaged the props and the catch on the battery door, it has been flying fine since but I wonder if this has weakened it. New airframe ordered and should be here tomorrow plus ordered 2 new 'A' Motors as I thought they didn't feel right. Great service from Yuneec - thinking about upgrading to an 'H'
Thanks Jafo, just been confirmed by Yuneec UK, probable cause - a stress fracture from previous accident.
No worries.Glad you got to the bottom of it and have your quad back in the air soon.
Take your time with the conversion and take lots of pics for reference as you go.
Keep us updated.
Thanks once again Jafo, Yuneec have been great, next day delivery - now setting aside today to do the work - have camcorder set up to record it as well as taking loads of pics! Cheers

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