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New video from Digital Trends

I thought realsense was going to be released later on for the pro model? This is just front facing obstacle avoidance.
During the clip he mentions where Realsense will go and then talks of it's 360 deg avoidance capability?? I think he may have that wrong.
Methinks because the H has the 360 deg gimbal feature, it can keep the sensors (regular and Intel) facing forward, whilst it turns the camera to wherever the subject matter is.
So it can fly forward and film backwards if you like. But it's not full awareness all around.
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From what I hear how it will do 360 is the real sense will face whichever way you fly,while filming if you back up the camera will stay on subject and the H will swing the module towards the flight path.
Looking forward to their review coming out tomorrow, he had nothing but praise for it.
Looking at that video, somewhat makes me wonder about the "safe circle" of 26'. Is that only used while flying in safe mode and not agility? Kewl!
He never mentioned the safety circle in this clip. Either it wasn't working (doubt it), he's not aware of it (highly improbable) so we're left with "it wasn't turned on!"
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Not sure if this has already been posted, apologies if it has.
More comprehensive one coming in a day or so (not couple of weeks)
Note the claim of Realsense being able to cover 360 degrees.... Really?
Great if true, but not according to what I've seen and read so far.
Chris, with all due respect these guys over at Digital Trends seem quite clueless wrt sUAVs. IMHO of course.
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Other reviews had said that the rotor arms lock in place very firmly while this review says the hinges seem flimsy. Which is it?
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This review also says it's the "exact" same camera as on the 4K.... The guys at Yuneec the other older videos said the camera is not the same, but better. I'm also confused about the camera specs as I've seen 1080 at 120fps and this review says 60fps. Also the website says the slowest shutter speed is 1/30s while in the manual it says 4 seconds... Goodness a straight answer would be nice, even though I already committed to a pre order.
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Disappointed in the length of this review, under 2 minutes for all the features? Come on, guys..... It's shorter than the one you did a day or so ago, (that was over 9 minutes!) and not a lot more detail. Also, You mentioned during the first one, a better review was to come in the next day or so, or words to that effect, was this the one?
How about a demo of the "CCC" or RTH features or even obstacle avoidance details ....we know what it looks like!
For instance, I'm interested in the screen info on the ST16, the small green arrow, is that showing the location of the TX?, also explain the appearance and clarity of various read outs, height, distance etc.. This clip creates more questions than it answers!
It appears to be a promotional clip vs the DJI 4, and while there's nothing wrong with that, it doesn't help those patiently waiting for their unit, who are trying to learn more about it's features before it eventually arrives.
I'm not unappreciative of your work here, but you could've given us so much more!
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