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quali of 4k and the Typhoon H ? is it really 4K?

May 20, 2016
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hi Typhoon H Pilots...

i have tried downscale 4k to FullHD in FCPX but the results are bad and it looks only like 720p or less
if i record FullHD-Video in my TH seems its same Qualty like 4K...is the 4K only and upscale from the sharp FullHD?

thanks for your reports about that topic
Its def 4k. If your mac does not have a screen resolution thats greater than 1080p then no matter if you have recorded in 4k it will look the same. I have a Macbook Pro witha retina display and while not a 4k display its resolution is higher than 1080p so I really notice the sharpness in 4k footage. Check your output settings on FCPX with regards the downscaling
i have recorded at 4K and have put the output settings to 1080p.
but the result was unsharp like 780p or less, so that the recorded clip 1080p in TH looks in the end better sharper then the 4K recording...
I playback my 4K 's from the H camera on my 4K TV, and they are for sure 4K, Like stated above, it depends on the max resolution your device can handle,
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but if i downscale to Full HD from 4K, it must be look the same to the recorded fullHD and not more bad...thats why i wonder about my downscale

thanks for reports
I have a monitor that has 2K resolution so I capture video at the 2K setting. I can tell you that when I look at the 'raw' footage compared to my final output (normally 1080p) there is a drastic difference to me. When I edit my videos for youtube or just to send to a friend I downscale to 1080p since most people only have 1080p monitors.

Now, I am not a professional videographer but I would imagine that downscaling 1 step (1080p to 720p or 2K to 1080p) would result in better quality videos at the lower end than downscaling 3 or four steps. That is why I dont record at 4K at the moment. It works for me.

No matter what resolution you save your video to, the end user can only view at the resolution of their equipment.
it's clear to me that i can't see a 4K on FullHD Panel. but the downscaled Image from 4K to full HD looks like 720p ...so it seems it's better I record the image direct to FullHD which gets the same sharpness like the 4K on a 1080P panel...
This is just my opinion but I think it is ALWAYS best to record full 4K on the H if you can. No matter what resolution you want in the end just convert it down to that. It is usually best to capture as much detail as possible. Just like a static image. You can reduce a high res image down with no loss in quality. I am also not convinced the video quality on the H is all that great recording in 1080 from posted YouTube videos. 4K looks beautiful.

If you are having issues down converting then you need to maybe try other software or experiment with different codecs and settings. I am a PC/Premiere user and don't have issues usually. Since you are on a MAC maybe try a 3rd party converter instead of FCP. Or if you can, give Premiere a try on the MAC.
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If the result of downscaling is bad, I'd check what settings you're using in FCPX. The 'H definately records in 4K, but it's purely FCPX that will decide the quality of downscaling.
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