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Horror typhoon h

Jun 3, 2016
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I've been flying quads for years... received typh. H 2 days ago , follow step my step setting up. Went to flying field . Quad went up about 90 ft. Look down at reading on radio everything fine. ..... then look up at quad , it took off ..... had no control ......radio repeatedly stating reconnecting wifi 1300 dollars gone.
That was the first thing I did....... believe me I check everything before flying this horror anyone reading this please be careful !
Get the data from your controller and send yo Yunecc , they should send you a new H if it was a fly away
Quad had 16 Sat....
How many did the 16 have? The reason i ask is on my q500 i almost had 2 fly-aways. reciever did not have enough sats locked vs the quad. Think of it going straight to DJI's atti mode. I could be wrong but unique with the Yuneec is that both units rely on the sats vs the DJI's
So, uh, what quads have you been flying for years?

Does anyone know what the data logs contain? If this were Arducopter the first thing asked for is the logs, otherwise the pilot posting would be ignored.
Now correct me if I'm wrong. Shouldn't it have said connecting to RC. Wifi is camera right? Where did Kenny Rogers go.
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Lol someone needs to tell him how sentences are put togeather. Hey that could be a song.

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