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Twitchy movements at slow speeds

Mar 11, 2016
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I've flown 3 batteries so far with the H, and I am mostly happy. There is one thing that that's not ideal, and I hope to find a solution.

When moving slowly, it is very difficult to accelerate smoothly. There is is a harsh step between no lateral movement and some movement. The drone itself pitches sharply as it moves suddenly, and it shows in the video.

The Q500 4k can crawl along very smoothly. Is there an adjustment I can make to achieve this with the H, or do I have to wait for new firmware ?

It seems like this should be solvable.
i have the same problem...Yuneec have told me to send the copter to service ....again :-(

it looks like i make movements on the right stick, but id didn't.
i just hold the position of stick for a slow flight
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Looks to be a problem not with the Typhoon H but rather your ST16. The settings in it are tweaked incorrectly for stick input and response.
the hardware monitor and the channel settings of the ST16 shows correct stick movements... and it only happens in turtle mode. if i go to medium or Rabbit speed everything works fine.
maybe the other flyers here can test in in total Turtle mode very slow movements...

seems that the stick is not correctly sended to the typhoon H....hmm
i send my package back on monday...and hope my 3rd typhoon H will work like a pro...

first TH:
- Don't hold position
- Landing gear don't work
- ST16 Fan was fallen out
- binding time not under 5min

second TH:
- Landing gear with issue (service send new one and Shop change it)
- ST16 Fan get very noisy.. (service send new one and Shop change it)
- binding time and stability of video transfer 3-10min or lost signal in flights
- slow flights like an angry Diva

third TH:
- we will see
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Mine does the same thing and the other H's I've seen fly like this out of the box. It's more noticeable in higher speed modes, barely noticeable in slow or rabbit mode. First things is this is a hex, not a quad, so the movements seem exaggerated on the arms. Next, the flight is very controllable and the issue is totally cleared up by the gimbal in photos and videos. I would have never mailed my unit back in for something this minor. It can be tweaked in settings by adjusting your throttle curves, that' why we have throttle curves. Those of us who've flown helicopters will know the exact behavior and how to adjust it. I'm not surprised the rep you spoke with on the phone wasn't familiar with this. You'll need to deal with an advanced or higher level technician and they can walk you through the process. I'll play with my curves this weekend then post a video of how to smooth out the acceleration. I see that many of the problems people are reporting about the H are from inexperience. This is not a toy and certainly not a device for someone new to flying rc. If you are new I highly recommend starting with something like a Blade Nano QX and you will save yourself a lot of headaches and a pocketfull of money.
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I flew my first Typhoon H last week and noticed the same behavior. I also have this on both of my Q500 4k's although not as bad. Every Yuneec I have flow is "twtichy" compared to other UAV's. As far as it being a hex causing it, that's not quite correct. The hex helps to smooth out flight, I have built and fly a few custom ones because they are smoother than quads for filming. I haven't played with the curves yet but I will and report back what effect that has. I have spent quite a lot of time tuning curves and DR on my Spektrum radios so I have experience with that. I'm just surprised that out of the box these seem to be a lot more sensitive to stick movement than most of the competitors.
Mine was also twitchy, until I learned better control. I can now fly it silky smooth. And yes the camera gimbal more than compinsates for H movement.
sorry...but if i make a movement on a stick and hold this position, my bird have to go on with flight in the same way !
i have build and fly DJI Hex copters and customized pixhawk...and for me the bird have to do exactly what i tell him. If the Controller, the transmission or the flight controller
make a nasty dancing Drone out of my fingers....then its ready for trash.
And if the drone fly exactly then we can do it more smooth with curves or make the fine things on adjustments

and the interesting thing ist that in middle and fast mode all works fine and not twitchy. of course in fast mode the brakes work harder...
because that i want to get control about the gains and brakes in flight controller....

But the important thing is that the bird don't change the unerdatnding of the sticks...maybe my TH have some issue with sending control
I just watched the video and my H is 10 times as sensitive as the one in the video. All directions the H jumps when I give right stick input. I am sure it is tuning and I will need to go to my local hobby shop as the owner there is very familar with heli controller adjustments. I just wish I had an extra battery. :rolleyes:
Flying in Angle mode mine does the same thing. It didn't do it for the first 6 flights but 7 and 8 it does it. During flight 8 I paid more attention to it and noticed that I had to move the stick about a 1/4 inch before it would start moving slowly then twitch and move suddenly faster. Did it in turtle or rabbit mode, made no difference except in rabbit mode it was more pronounced.

I switch from Angle mode to Smart mode and it goes away and all appears normal until I started bring the H in closer to me and it kept coming right through the circle of death. I brought it to around 5 feet from me. I flew it around for a couple minutes in Smart mode and all was as it should be, except for penetrating the circle of death. Switch back to Angle mode and the same twitching. Mine is much more pronounced than what I see in eric bee's video.

Something strange is going on. Will wait to hear if David Wilson's curve adjustments are the fix. If it's a curve issue should it have done it on flight 1 through 6? Flew silky smooth for those flights.
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i havn't test it in smart mode. if there is no issue with that then its a software bug. i will test it tomorrow
I don't think it is a bug or hardware issue, but is how the code is written; a minimum pitch/roll angle (say 2 degrees) triggered by stick movement. I don't see that modding the expo in the sticks would help.
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I made a slight adjustment to the expo on the J3 and J4 (pitch and roll). I will see what difference that made.
Another flight, some further observations :
1. Smart mode does seem better. It is possible to crab slowly and smoothly. Not perfect, but better.
2. The gymbal doesn't help, as the problem is the movement of the aircraft - it stops and starts.
3. I can't see a difference between turtle and rabbit, regarding this behavior.
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thanks for report...

maybe other pilots can test it too...that we can find out if it's based on software in all models or if our birds don't work

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